You take a deep breath. You’ve never done this before. You notice Walter looking at you. We’ve got your back, he signals. You wait for the SDF members to walk into the middle of the intersection before making a move.

“Did you see Ricky cut that fucker down?” one of them says.

“Yeah, ‘Please, no, not my kids!'” another responds.

They laugh.

You see Travis and Megan aim their rifles at them. You put your hand up. Wait. You and Walter crouch out of the shadows and make your way towards the middle of the intersection. You can smell the alcohol permeating from their bodies.

“Do you have any more of that?” one of them says.

“No, this asshole over here drank the rest.”

One of them drops a plastic bottle. Vodka. Easy pickings, Walter signals. A SDF member walks to where you both are hiding.

“Need to piss, hold on,” the man says.

Before Walter can stop you, you stab the man in the abdomen.

“Holy shi—”

You stab him again in the throat.

The SDF members turn to see you. They bring their rifles up to shoot. You duck just in time. You look for Walter. He is no longer with you. You are by yourself. The remaining SDF members think you acted alone. They are converging on your position. You raise your hands in defeat.

“I surrender,” you shout.

“Fuck off,” one of them yells back.

You throw your machete away and you slowly get up. You feel a piercing, sharp pain pulsating from your chest. They shot you. You’re shot again, in the head, and you die, before you even hit the ground. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

You died. Start over from the beginning?

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