“I’ll Take The Pistol”

image - Flickr / Internet Persona
image – Flickr / Internet Persona

You check the cartridge. Two bullets. You’d better be careful with them. You put the safety on.

Walter is already by your side.

“You ready, champ?”

You pocket the pistol.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

Walter nods and signals to his men to head for the door. You look to see who they are. James, Travis, Megan, Pierce, and Dylan. You feel more at ease knowing that there are six other people — seven, including yourself — going out into street-level.

“You have your emergency kit?” Pierce asks.

You shake your head no.

“Okay, well, try not to get hurt today. I think Dylan might have an extra.”

Dylan winks at you. She looks about 40, but is surprisingly agile and her voice is youthful.

“I have a couple of extras, so don’t worry,” she says to you and Pierce.

You and the group walk down the stairs of the apartment building. All of the windows have been boarded up. You can see faint rays poking through the mismatched wooden boards. You see the security team on the first floor.

“Everything’s quiet here, Walt,” one of them says.

Walter nods at him.

“Alright, you know the drill,” Walter says to you and the group. “Single file, and don’t fucking talk.”

“Hey,” Walter says to you. “I need you at the end. You okay with that?”

“Yeah, no problem,” you say.

“Remember,” Walter says to everyone, “don’t fucking make loud noises.”

You take a deep breath and watch Travis run outside, into the bright and humid air. He takes shelter next to a bus. He motions to the group. All clear. The group quickly follows his order. It’s your turn. You peek outside and run to the bus. Travis looks around the corner of the bus. Foliage, he signals. He takes deep breath and runs.

It feels like an eternity. Travis waves to you. Come quick. You run towards the tree. The weight of the pistol in your pocket slows your run down. You make it to the group. You take the pistol out. Walter taps your shoulder. Do not shoot unless you absolutely have to, he signals. You nod. I know.

You watch Travis run across the street. He makes his way to the end of the block when there is a single gunshot. Sniper, Walter whispers. You can’t see Travis’ crumpled body, but you know it’s there, at the end of the block. You and the group scan the surrounding buildings for a sniper’s nest. Walter, holding his binoculars, taps you on the shoulder. He points at a blue building and hands you his binoculars. Look towards the collapsed roof. You scan the roof of the partially collapsed building. You see a lone sniper peeking down at Travis’ body below. Walter taps you on the shoulder. You and James flank the building. We will make sure we get his attention. You nod. You and James crouch and quickly make your way back up the street.

James runs ahead of you. You lose sight of him between the cars and the tall grass. You crouch and take cover behind a rusting taxi cab. Off to your right, you hear someone whisper to you.

“Over here,” the voice says.

It’s James. He points up the street. There is a group of three marauders pointing at the building where the sniper is hiding. They are all armed with assault rifles. James pulls out a molotov cocktail from his bag. He crouches and sneaks closer to where the marauders are. He lights it and throws it. It’s a direct hit. The fire and the commotion catches the attention of the sniper. He shoots at the easy targets. The marauder farthest from you collapses. James gets up from his position and runs in zig zags towards the building. He jumps behind a car and a plume of dust rises from where he stepped. The sniper turns his attention on the two remaining marauders.

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