Dear Hillary Clinton, You Deserved So Much Better Than This

Flickr / United States Mission Geneva
Flickr / United States Mission Geneva

I’m not writing this to hate on anyone. I’m not writing this to tell America that they messed up. I’m writing this because I watched my single mother work to support three children under the age of 10.

I’m writing this because my eighteen-month old niece will grow so much in the next four years and this is all she will know.

I’m writing this because my future daughter will read about his remarks in textbooks and think that she can’t thrive in life due to her gender.

I’m writing this because I don’t want my future son to degrade women and brush it off as “locker room talk.”

Politics aside, this is a matter of acceptance of the rights that this country is built on.

Why I was with her is because I saw hope. I’ve been interested in Hillary ever since my mother started working at Wellesley College when I was five years old. I am straight out of college and now am nervous that I am not going to ever have the chance to do as well as my male counterparts.

I’m scared that I am going to feel even more threatened walking around the city I live in alone at night. I’m angry that I am going to continue to get cat-called by men wherever I go. I know that I will never be as respected as a man is. Hillary gave me hope that women would be equal. I was scrolling through twitter Tuesday evening during the election and saw a tweet from a boy that attends my alma mater that said “As soon as Trumps hits 270 electoral votes I am grabbing the first girl I see by the pussy. #MAGA”. I shit you not. (Oh, and look at the number of retweets & likes in the matter of a couple hours).


And this is the main issue I have with the Trump presidency — the fact that he is setting the standard for men across the country. He is setting the standard to be racist, homophobic, and prejudice. I am not saying that all Trump supports are fall into these categories but I am saying that he is making it acceptable for people to be.

I get sick to my stomach thinking that all of the progress that we have made in the last 50+ years is going to be reversed due to the sense of privilege that he is giving people. Lord only knows that I hope he proves us wrong. And as for Hillary, I got something for you too.

I am sorry that the country got blinded by broken promises and feared into voting for him.

I am sorry that you will not help this nation for the next four years with equality, rights, the environment, America’s youth, healthcare and wages.

I was looking forward to your ideas and believed that you would follow through with your platforms. I appreciated that you supported single mothers and were willing to stand up for them.

I envied that you were working to boost clean-energy and know that climate change isn’t a “hoax”.

Thank you for understanding that not everybody in this country is making six figures and has ideal living conditions. Thank you for seeing that this country is built on immigration and just because someone practices a certain religion or looks a certain way, they are not a threat to the country. Thank you for being the face of everyone who isn’t a privileged white male.

We appreciate it. I promise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

“When you are born in a world you don’t fit in; it’s because you were born to help create a new one.”

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