You’re Allowed To Be Petty

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You’re allowed to be petty. No matter how trivial a problem may seem, you’re allowed to make a mountain out of a molehill. You’re allowed to get angry over the smallest inconvenience in your life and take it out on the person who caused that inconvenience.

You’re allowed to be unapologetically nasty. You’re allowed to look in the eyes of the person who made you feel guilty when you made a mistake and judge them for their cruelty. You’re allowed to be mad at the person who took advantage of your kindness. You’re allowed to be mean to people who don’t deserve your kindness and make you feel like you’re the one causing every single one of their problems.

You’re allowed to unintentionally cause a problem for someone because that doesn’t make YOU a problem.

You’re allowed to yell at the boy who got mad over something stupid and then gave you the silent treatment. You’re allowed to not be sorry for yelling. You’re allowed to be upset that he didn’t answer you all day, and not feel crazy for being upset. You’re allowed to speak your mind over and over and over again, even if it makes you feel crazy.

You’re allowed to trust your gut. You’re allowed to stand up for yourself when being treated like you don’t matter. You’re allowed to speak your mind. You’re allowed to not say anything at all and walk away when someone is just trying to elicit a response from you.

You’re allowed to go for a drive for an hour and turn off your phone. You’re allowed to not answer people when you need some time to relax. You’re allowed to cancel plans with your friends, and plan something you can enjoy alone without any distractions.

You’re allowed to write a letter about someone who hurt you to get your emotions off your chest, even if you’re afraid they won’t like it. You’re allowed to not care if they don’t like it. You’re allowed to not like it when someone leaves you, even if you know they made the right choice.

You’re allowed to be a bitch and then give a completely long, drawn out apology about how much of a bitch you were. You’re allowed to tell someone when they keep reminding you of your bitchy moment to shut up.

You’re allowed to cry over spilled milk. You’re allowed to have a chip on your shoulder, and use it to be a stronger person. You’re allowed to use everything you’ve been through as a reason to try harder. You’re allowed to get annoyed at people who use everything they’ve been through as an excuse to not try at all.

You’re allowed to chastise someone who tries to tell you how you’re allowed to feel. You’re allowed to leave someone who tells you they care about you, even if you feel guilty leaving. You’re allowed to not believe them when they say they care about you. You’re allowed to find someone who does.

You’re allowed to deserve more.

You’re allowed to call people out on their bullshit. You’re allowed to be tired of people calling you out for every mistake.

You’re allowed to not allow yourself to be worn down and manipulated.

There will always be people telling you that you’re not allowed. That you can’t feel, that you can’t do, that you can’t be who you are. People will try to manipulate you, and tell you that you’re wrong when you don’t need to be told. People will make you feel like a bad person because they feel bad. They think that their way of thinking is the only way of thinking. They think they know everything about everyone around them when they don’t even know anything about themselves. Those people will get mad at you every chance they get and be the first ones to call you out when you do something wrong, even if they have made those same mistakes.

People will try to prove you wrong. They’ll try to pick apart your soul, by kicking you when you’re down and telling you all your faults. They’ll try to offend you, and beat you, and bruise you, but don’t let them watch you fall.

Because you’re allowed to be completely and absurdly yourself because without that, you’re nothing at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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