33 Very Good Tips For Your Summer Business Travel Plans

1. remember spending an entire summer alone at 13

2. don’t have anyone come over

3. don’t go anywhere

4. sometimes walk to a gas station 2 blocks away

5. don’t talk at all

6. on the first day of school everyone will say they can’t hear you

7. (your voice will be that weak)

8. read maybe 100 books laying in the backyard

9. play a lot of diablo 2

10. paint a lot and don’t show anyone the paintings

11. message your best friends (only two friends) on msn messenger every day

12. spend a lot of time laying on the floor/stairs/lawn just thinking

13. your parents will be at work maybe 85% of the time

14. your mom will cook dinner sometimes, touch your head and smile

15. your dad will watch a movie in the basement with you 1 or 2 times

16. he will give you a very hard hug in his grey suit and fly to japan the next day

17. your sister will do the same thing as you

18. (but in a different wing of the house)

19. occasionally bump into her while making food in the afternoon

20. (don’t say anything)

21. a 3-year-old neighbor kid will wander over when you are reading outside

22. he will sit by you and fall asleep

23. his head is in your lap, his face is smiling a little

24. he can’t talk yet or doesn’t want to

25. sometimes you will go 1-3 days without seeing another human

26. frequently you will go 1-3 days without saying anything

27. talking again will feel bad

28. everything will be too fast

29. everything will either make too much sense or too little

30. realize that talking has always felt like that

31. remember all of this in your business suit

32. be crying, check your email

33. wait for a connecting flight in SEA-TAC at 2:30am on the 4th of July Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Johan Larsson

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