10 Tips You Must Absolutely Remember While Traveling

Flickr / Kate Ter Haar
Flickr / Kate Ter Haar

Producer’s note: Someone on Quora asked: What are your top 10 travel tips? Here is one of the best answers that’s been pulled from the thread.


  1. Bring gallon size ziplocks: very versatile from carrying your wet clothes to actually washing them. If you carry any liquids — like sunscreen, lotion — you can put it in there to prevent spills.
  2. Postcards: when you first arrive, go to the nearest souvenir shop and check out the postcard. This way you know what popular sights you might want to see that may have missed in your research.
  3. Carryon: do only carry on at least when you head to your vacation spot. This way you know your luggage has little chance of being lost which is a really bad way to start your trip. Also why waste time collecting your check in luggage when you could get ahead of these people and be already in a taxi.
  4. Refillable water bottle: once I get to my destination I buy a large jug of water and refill my bottle. Saves time and money during the day looking for one.
  5. Eating: eat locally and far away from any tourist spot otherwise you will tend to spend more for mediocre food. All you really have to do is look at your own local touristy spot and you will see what I mean.
  6. Research: before your trip, research your vacation spot. Look into cultural customs: don’t tip in Japan, some gestures in other countries is consider rude. If you’re into food look into food tv shows. Look at calendar events for your vacation.
  7. Identifier: put your name, home address, and your flight information somewhere visible inside the main compartment of your luggage. This will greatly speed up the process in the event your luggage gets lost.
  8. Zip ties: instead of padlocks, which any teenager can pick, use zip ties. Also handy to secure multiple things together. Then when you need to open it, just use your nail clipper.
  9. Wrinkle-free clothes: try to fill your travel wardrobe that are wrinkle free which decreases the amount of time looking for working iron and a clean iron board.
  10. Chaos: no matter how much research and planning some thing will not go according to plan. Remember that by the time it takes to write, edit, print some things in the guidebook are already outdated. Accept it and quickly just deal with it. Some of my most memorable places and food were discovered by mistake. Thought Catalog Logo Mark
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