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A Love Letter To Coffee: The One Thing That Never Lets Me Down

Some may look at me with confusion in their eyes, and judgment on their face. How could I possibly need what is in my hand to survive? It’s addiction they say, it’s unhealthy. However, let me counter. There are worse problems to have, and there certainly are millions of ways to die. So, let me have these moments of euphoric happiness. For infinite possibilities begin the moment the cup touches my lips, and it all starts with one single sip.

What We Can Learn From Amazon’s, ‘A Man On The High Castle’

More frightening than our fear or our own imperfection are those who not only fear people they don’t understand, but who can look at their own reflection, and continue to view those different then themselves with cynicism and contempt. This disdain for others only fosters continued hatred; the very trait that terrorism continues to feed upon.