The Truth About Negativity

Jacinta Moore
Jacinta Moore

It has gotten to that point in my life when it’s time to make some changes. I’ve come to peace with who I am, but there’s a few things I’d like to change about myself. I mean, we all have that, right?

No one can look at themselves and think, “Wow, I’m perfect”. And the people who say that, well, there’s already one thing that proves otherwise. 

I have always been a negative person. Dwelling on the bad and expecting the worst are my specialty. But the thing about negativity is- it’s a comfort. We get accustomed to expecting the worst because we won’t be let down.

If we expect things to go well, and they don’t, we’ll be heartbroken. And that’s what everyone is afraid of. 

That’s what we are, though. Cowards. Afraid of happiness. Comfortable in the dark. 

But living like that limits you from so much.

Negativity is like predicting your fate. By telling yourself, “I’m going to lose this race,” you’re basically convincing yourself you’re not good enough. And with that attitude, you’re really not. 

We only get one life. A hundred years, if we’re lucky, to make our mark on this world. Live life to the fullest. As cliche as it sounds, it’s true. Who wants to look back and reminisce on all the days they spent sitting in a dark room and listening to sad music? 

In life, bad things are going to happen. It’s a fact. Everyone gets down on themselves sometimes. Everyone has a bad day. It’s inevitable. But why make a good day into a bad day? Try the opposite.

With failure comes growth. Positivity breeds happiness. There’s no shortcut to living a long, healthy, successful life. But it all starts with a positive attitude.

Starting right now, I challenge you to flick the light switch. Venture outside your comfort zone. Live in a world where you can do whatever you put your mind to. And when all else fails, remember this: you were put on this earth for a reason.You have the whole world at your fingertips. Give yourself the advantage. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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