Find A Great Relationship By Committing To Being Single


I’m single. Committed single.

Until life drops an exquisite woman onto my path with whom it is just undeniable to the core of my being that this is the woman I was born to create worlds with.

But I get this question a lot: “Why aren’t you in a relationship now?”

Why? Because being coupled up makes me no more inherently valuable and worthy as a human being than being single.

I’m happy with my single life.

No one asks when you’re happy in relationship, “Why aren’t you single?”

Anyway, relationships are only pathways to our profound awakening, and by “relationships” I mean RELATIONSHIP TO EVERYTHING:

…relationship to money, sex, career, mom and dad, friends, animals, the planet, intimate partners…all these relationships serve to surface our limiting, fear-based thoughts and how we play small and sell out our deepest heart yearnings for the empty promises of security. We can finally heal them if we’re vigilant about it (and thus wake the hell up from our insanity).

Of course, the most important relationship of all is TO YOURSELF.

If you can’t untangle that messy relationship with yourself and learn to find the love already overflowing deep within you…well, then an intimate relationship is likely to be disappointing, because your partner ain’t gonna show up with the love you can’t find in yourself.

So I’m committed single until committing to relationship is a clear “Hell Yes!”

In the meantime, I keep doing the worthy work of coming home to myself, creating an awesome life everyday.

When that sexy, delicious other finally shows up and my soul reaches out through my heart to wrap her up safe in my embrace…I’ll be filled with so much goddamn love she can’t help but get it all over her precious self.

That’s why I’m not in a relationship now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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