Not Another 20-Somethings List


There are a lot of great articles and lists within this glorious invention called the internet. Articles and lists that tell you things you should do in your 20s, or things you shouldn’t do, or things you should say, or things you shouldn’t say, or how you should act, or how to be successful. That is wonderful and some lists are actually helpful. But when it comes down to it, a person shouldn’t need a “guidebook” to live through what should be the most fantastic decade of their life; a person does not need a checklist to keep track of things they should be doing. Save that for school. The best advice anyone has given me on how to live my 20s is simple: “Fuck it, and just live your life.”

We all yearn for some sort of direction in our lives, it’s only human. We are comforted whenever we see a very easy to read, and very easy to follow list that notifies us of the things that we need to do while we’re young and wrinkle-free. It’s the holy grail of information all wrapped up into a clean, simple package and delivered via the very thing that make this generation flow: social media.

When our parents were growing up, they couldn’t just hop on their computer and ask the internet Gods the right way to live. They just looked up at their own parents and decided if they wanted to stay the course and be just like them, or if they wanted to take a hard right and experience it for themselves.

Rebel. I’m not saying that we should all be in leather jackets, parading through the streets at night wreaking havoc and singing songs in unison, although that would be very eighties of us. What I’m saying is that the only way to experience life is to actually experience it. Try and fail. Learn from it, and in doing so, you’ve already gained enough knowledge to give you a better chance at succeeding next time around.

For those who would prefer a list or a guide on what they should do in their 20s, well, here it is:

One Thing You Should In Your 20s:

1. Whatever the fuck makes you happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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