Your Freshman Year Of College, As Told By Miley Cyrus Songs

1. MOVE IN DAY- Party In The USA

Hop out of your parent’s car with a dream and a school sweatshirt. Welcome to land of nervousness how the hell are you going to fit in? You’re nervous but excited to enter this magical land called college. You just want to scream, except you can’t, because your roommate is a freak.

2. THREE WEEKS IN- See You Again

You are still under the impression that people from high school care about your life. You really want to see your ex-boyfriend from high school because you think he cares about you and your love is real and true and going to last forever.


So you finally talked to your ex-boyfriend and he was like, a total douchebag. You hate him so much and just want to be back at college with all of your new friends who just get you.

4. FIRST WEEK BACK- We Can’t Stop

Fresh off your breakup you realize college is the time to say YOLO. You drink that Natty, you do that naked lap, you wake up on the front lawn of a house you’ve never been to before. It’s your party, you can do what you want to.

5. JANUARY- Can’t Be Tamed

Ok, so you are totally comfortable now. You ditched your friends from the first week of school and found a new crew that just like to rage face. No one and nothing can stop you. Not that underage drinking citation, not that bitchy RA and most certainly not that 8 a.m. college writing class.


Reality starts to sink in, you really, really miss your parents. You view yourself as a total failure. You hate who you have become and want to transfer. The partying ways have caught up to you and now all you want to do is go home, pet your dog and cry.

7. SPRING BREAK- The Climb

After some good home cooking and a good talk with Mom and Dad you’re motivated to raise your 2.15 GPA and pursue your Bachelors of Arts degree.

8. END OF THE YEAR- Wrecking Ball

You discovered who you were, you discovered who you weren’t. You’ve made lots of friends and lost many as well. More importantly, however, is you came in freshman year and left your mark- just like a wrecking ball. Bring on Sophomore year. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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