8 Unfortunate Things You Learn About Guys When You Live With Them

Flickr / H.A.M. Phtgrphy
Flickr / H.A.M. Phtgrphy

I really just love waking up in the morning and going in the bathroom to see the shower curtain is wide open, the hand soap has dripped all the way down the inside of the sink, and there is a chewed up sock on the floor, thanks to my boyfriend’s dog. Don’t get me wrong, I love living with them, but living with two guys is a big change for someone who grew up living with her mom, and I am amazed they’re both still alive.

I have noticed a lot of differences in living with my boyfriend and a friend in the month and a half we’ve lived here. Maybe you have experienced these too. (disclaimer: most of these are only about one of the guys I live with, in case the other one ever sees this and gets offended because he doesn’t do them.)

1. They will eat everything. Always.

And you will not have food left. No explanation necessary other than, they are guys. It still drives me crazy to see how much food is gone the first week we go shopping.

2. Guys do not know how to load a dishwasher.

I hate opening the dishwasher to plates facing the outside of the dishwasher, still dirty. Or when a cookie sheet is placed in front of a plate. In case you didn’t know, the water is not going to just climb over the cookie sheet to the plate. Small things closer to the center, big things closer to the outside. I thought this would be obvious. Apparently not.

3. A lot of guys do not understand the need to close the shower curtain.

But really, have you seen what they look like when you always leave them open? Mildew, guys. Mildew.

4. How the hell do their shower supplies last so long?!

Seriously, it is frustrating. And how do you only use 2-in-1 soap? I have to use two types of shampoo {not both in the same shower, for clarification}, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, smoothing serum, and roughly seventeen other things. Plus shaving supplies. How do you survive with two things?

5. Hand soap drips. A lot.

And a lot of guys will not care to clean it up. Either clean the nozzle off when you use it or clean the soap that drips into the sink when you’re done. Otherwise, we end up with nasty gooey trails all down the side of the sink and it just looks disgusting and it is unpleasant.

6. Folding laundry is unheard of.

I’m still not sure if it’s a genetic thing that guys just can’t fold clothes or if none of them ever learned. Either way, stacks of clothes are not okay with me, so I tend to put away a lot of laundry. An excessive amount, really.

7. So. Unorganized.

The boys tell me I’m too organized, but really, if I wasn’t, everything would be completely unorganized. I thought one of them was going to have a stroke when I said the words “cleaning schedule.” We still have yet to completely master that one yet.

8. They’re just weird.

I mean, I knew this one before, but the longer I live with them, the more I realize how truly weird they really are.

If you’re a girl that lives with a guy, I’m sure you relate to quite a few of these, if not all. If not, then while it may seem like a good thing, I’d probably miss these things if they stopped. Well… some of them. Definitely not all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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