This Is Why It’s Okay To Not Have Your Shit Together


I do not have my shit together.

I am a broke full time college kid working 32 hours a week and have virtually no social life. My car is littered with half-empty water bottles and fast food wrappers. My laundry, clean and dirty, covers most of the floor of my bedroom. My bed is covered with textbooks and papers except for the small side that I sleep on.

I am too lazy for the gym anymore, I eat like crap, and my sleep schedule is horrible. As I’m typing this with one hand, the other is shoving donut holes into my mouth in the library at my college.

I also have terrible anxiety. A condition which causes me physical and emotional stress. It hits me at random and not-so-random times. It comes when provoked and even when not provoked. I cry a lot more than a human should, and tell myself I am not good enough.

I do not have my shit together. But that is okay.

It’s okay because being broke gives me a drive to go to work. It’s okay because being in college is a blessing that a lot of people do not get to experience. It’s okay because working a lot means more money for my future. It’s okay because my messy car and room mean I am usually busy doing things to better myself and don’t have time to clean. It’s okay because those textbooks covering my bed mean I am dedicated to my education.

I do not have my shit together.

And that is okay because the gym can wait. It’s okay because I am always eating on the go to save time and get to work and school faster. It’s okay because one day I will sleep better after I have the career of my dreams.

I do not have my shit together.

But it is okay because my anxiety will lose one of these days. Day by day I get stronger and push myself harder to achieve my goals. It’s okay because even the strongest of people need to cry sometimes. It’s okay because feeling not good enough pushes me to be better.

I do not have my shit together. Chances are neither do most of you. Being a work in progress is a beautiful thing. Be proud to be unfinished. Be proud to struggle. Be proud to be a hot mess. Why? Because you are a work in progress, and once you are done you will be a story worth being told.

Your struggle and your mess is something to be proud of. One day you will be able to look back and know every tear, every mess you made, every hour you worked, and every hour of sleep you lost caused you to be the success you became.

I do not have my shit together, and I am more that okay with it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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