10 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Women

We all know that women are sensitive. But not always for the wrong reasons. People say things to women that if they looked inward, they would know is not appropriate… but they say these things anyway! Here are some things you should never say to your wife, girlfriend, sister… well any woman really…
jenny downing
jenny downing

Relax! Never tell a woman to relax. Unless of course she’s waving around a knife getting ready to cut off something very special to you….but otherwise. YOU relax. She is obviously dealing with some sort of emotion whether it be anger, sadness, insecurity, etc… and telling her to relax is discounting her feelings. And when was the last time anyone actually relaxed when you told them to?

Your period is just an excuse to be a b*tch. EXCUUUSE ME? Do you have any idea what it feels like to be eaten by hormones all while developing a small nile river in between your legs? I think not. If you bled out of your beloved part every month for sometimes a week… you would understand.

I Love You – During a fight. Never say this… you obviously don’t care what she has to say, or think her feelings are bogus… which is why you are trying to say I love you and get the fight over with. We will know you don’t mean it, and the fight will continue, probably with more intensity.

Did you gain weight? Now this one I’m on the fence with… if my fiance asked me this I would really have to look at myself closely. He sees me everyday, so if I’m starting to gain weight I want him to tell me. But on the other hand, if someone who I havent seen for years approaches me and says this… I will probably be pretty upset.

Come on girl smile, why do you look so angry! Maybe because I’m angry homeless stranger! One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone tells me to smile. So because I’m a woman I’m not allowed to be angry!? My anger is not directed towards you… Maybe I just got pulled over, and thats why I have this scowl on my face. If I’m scowling, either ask me what’s wrong, or don’t talk to me.

You “always” do this! OH god. This one! When you get into a small argument, don’t bring up how she “always” or “never” does something. You know good and well that is NOT true, and you do realize those words will explode this minor argument into a catastrophic event, right?

Man you eat a lot! Yes, I can put away large amounts of food, especially during that time of the month… but please don’t notice, and if you do notice, please don’t scream it out in the middle of me scarfing down my carne asada nachos. Then I will just feel like a fat pig with jalapeños sticking out of my mouth.

OMG be careful! When she’s doing something as simple as carrying a box…full of paper…Women are strong! Men have this misconception that women are frail and dainty, but in this day and age…. women are showing up and don’t need you to help ALL the time. Sure, sometimes it’s chivalrous if she’s obviously struggling… but if I’m skipping a long happily don’t gasp like I’m about to snap in half. With Crossfit ladies, and all of these other awesomely strong women out there, we don’t need you no’ mo! (Well we do, just not for that!)

Are you SURE? When I give you a tidbit of information, don’t automatically think I’m telling a fib or I’m just misinformed. Even if the info is about sports. Most women won’t comment on anything, especially not sports, if they don’t know what they’re talking about.

This one is not talking but: kissing her during a fight. This is obviously an attempt to shut her up and she is not going ot want to kiss you, and it will only make her more and more upset.

So here are 10 things you should not say to a woman. We aren’t always mad, but when we are…it’s probably because you have done or said something ridiculous and stupid. So watch your tongue, fellas. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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