15 Reasons Being An Aunt Is The Ultimate Best

Rob Briscoe
Rob Briscoe

1. You get to spoil your niece or nephew.

You always want your niece or nephew to be happy and spoiled. And, it is always slight competition wanting your gifts to them to be their favorite.

2. You get out of the dirty work because you don’t hold parental responsibilities.

Diaper changing?… Yeah, I’ll pass. You can almost pick and choose the responsibilities you have and give the dirtier work back to their mom and dad.

3. You have an excuse to be childlike.

If you’re like me and my nephew, we pretend to be firefighters. You may not be a kid anymore, but being an Aunt brings the childlike personality right out of you. You are truly a “child-at-heart”, when you have your niece or nephew beside you.

4. You are looked up to.

When you become an Aunt, you become a role model for your niece or nephew. They look up to you and value the things you say and do.

5. You get the most thoughtful gifts on birthdays and holidays from your special cutie.

Your niece or nephew is always there for you, and it is so cute getting a card signed by them. They’re another person in your life who will always care for you as much as you care for them.

6. You have endless hours of laughter, smiles, and memories.

There is never a dull moment- always all smiles and laughs making memory after memory each and every time you are together.

7. You get to cheer on your little one every step of the way. They support you as well.

Whether you are a younger Aunt and an athlete in college like me or not, your niece or nephew will be cheering you on and supporting you whenever possible. There is no better feeling seeing your little one in the stands and run to you have the buzzer of the end of the game goes off. They support you in return of you supporting them.

8. The experience of being an Aunt prepares you to be a parent of your own someday.

From giving baths, to the (rare) diaper changes, seeing how parenting works, and taking on roles of responsibility, that all contributes to better preparing you to be a mom someday. You’ll have had plenty of experience by being in your niece or nephew’s life since the day that they were born.

9. You get to use your imagination all the time.

Like making forts! A classic and a must! You know you’re a good Aunt when you show them your genius fort hacks- like tucking blankets into the drawers of your dresser.

10. You get to enjoy all the bedtime stories and cuddles.

You start the day together and end it together. You end up reading more books than originally was going to so you get just a little bit more bonding before bedtime.

11. Your niece or nephew becomes your “mini-me”.

You become so alike, you may be caught wearing the same thing. You must convince your niece or nephew which sports teams to route for and to be just like you. (Go Red Sox!)

12. You do holidays right.

You match and coordinate your Christmas outfits. You trick-or-treat together on Halloween. You always make every holiday memorable (and of course take the cutest pictures to document it all).

13. You get to hold hands with your favorite kid.

Whether you are going on an Easter egg hunt or safely crossing a parking lot, it is always a cute moment to hold hands with your little one.

14. You get to enjoy relaxing walks.

No matter how nippy the weather may be outside, there is always time for walks! Rain or shine, too hot or too cold, the weather will never get us down!

15. You do everything together.

Sweet treats with your sweet niece or nephew. It never gets old! You spend so much time together with your niece or nephew and act so cute to the point where people often mistaken you to be their mother. You know you’re doing being an Aunt right if that happens.

Treasure the moments you have as an Aunt because your little one isn’t little forever. It is crazy how fast time goes by and how much they grow up, but it is so special to know you were the number one Auntie and there for them through it all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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