PDA: Public Digital Affection


I never liked PDA as a kid. I’d squirm when people kissed in public or when my parents were cute with each other. I honestly thought it was something I’d outgrow. I might have, until public display of affection revolutionized with times and made its way into the world wide web.

It’s much easier to turn your face to PDA on the streets. Standing 10 steps away from the bus stop where the horny teens feel it’s necessary to get it on, or perhaps swerving off the sidewalk and onto the grass to bypass the couple that insists on not only strolling while they walk hand in hand but also stopping every 10 steps to lock lips. Sadly though, with the advance of technology PDA has stepped up it’s game and gone digital. 

It’s hard to avoid when it’s all you see. Like an ex-boyfriend that won’t go away this new form of PDA is everywhere. Whether it’s couples or so called “besties” Instagramming their “date night” meals or selfies. Perhaps it’s comments on Facebook photos stating “hottie” or “QT” or “marry me much”.  Maybe your mom asking if you knew your elementary school bestie is dating the jerk turned boy next door  because she saw a picture on Facebook. (I mean I know what they say about word of mouth and I guess Zuckerberg did too, for he not only gave his site a mouth he gave it a face!) You can’t step away from PDA anymore.

We can’t sit a moment without our little me machines. We panic when they’re simply an arms length away. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve known he’s not the right guy because we tweeted and posted more words on our online networks than we said to each others faces.  Let’s not get me started on the number of times I’ve read #ily or any variation of that instead of actually hearing those 3 magical words.

Where does this end? It’s like we’re all celebrities with no boundary between our personal and public lives. Will marriages soon be taking place over Facetime or Snapchat, will the new kissing of the bride take place through emojis; or will we come to our senses and enjoy a romantic meal with lovely conversation without the need to Instagram the meal and tweet quotes of the sweet words spoken by that very special other?

I must say, the Personal Digital Assistant of the old times is certainly assisting people to display their personal lives.

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