6 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Date A Soccer Player

My type of guy is and always has been soccer players. My love life in my teenage years was centered on guys on the soccer team. Maybe it’s because I’m a huge fan of the sport or because I just like putting an extra challenge in my dating life. Or maybe it’s because I’m a picky superficial bitch who only likes to date guys with impressive abs. One thing’s for sure, if he can juggle a ball and score a penalty kick, I will be more than interested. Here are the reasons why I only date soccer players:

1. He’ll talk about his sport like it’s his life. When you ask about his favorite goal, his eyes will twinkle and he’ll be more excited than a kid at a toy store. His sports and his teammates are what he lives for. Every training session is a challenge, every game a war.

2. His day is composed of two training sessions, one gym session and schoolwork. The fact that he makes time for date night is beyond adorable. If he makes time to call and say he misses you or watches a chick flick with you when he’d much rather be sleeping, you’d know it’s serious.

3. Okay I’ll admit it; soccer players have the best bodies. Let’s start from the top and work out way to the bottom, shall we? His face is always sunburnt from training, so he’ll always have that extra red tinge in his cheeks and nose. Those shoulders, biceps and triceps could lift a girl up to cloud nine any day of the week. And those abs and the v-lines he builds up because of the gruesome day to day on the field will lure you in all the time. Let’s not forget about his ass. Two hours of kicking balls and running around a field ought to do great, great things to a guy’s glutes. He has swoon-worthy muscle definition on his legs. All in all, a soccer player’s body can lure you in, day and night.

4. His jerseys are the greatest thing any soccer girlfriend can wear. I think soccer jerseys are made of clouds and unicorn hair, they’re just that comfortable! Add the fact that you’d be walking around with his family name on your back; it’s a pretty sweet deal. Nothing’s better than showing your man off, especially if he’s damn good on the field.

5. Seeing your boyfriend play a championship and winning, it’s got to be the most rewarding thing ever. Imagine you wearing his jersey and cheering for him while he scores a goal. He scores the winning shot, celebrates with his teammates, and points to you in the stands. It’s a pretty good feeling, trust me.

6. You will be his inspiration. When he’s down and disappointed in himself, you get to comfort him and be his personal cheerleader. If he’s at his highest peak in his career, you get to share the awesomeness with the person you love. And I think that’s a good enough reason why. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – She’s The Man

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