How The Location Of Venus At Birth Can Help You Understand Your Relationships

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You’re probably asking yourself how in the world Venus can have an affect on our lives. I’ll admit that I was asking myself the same thing. But let’s find out what your Venus sign is first and then I’ll dig into the details on how Venus affects your life. If you don’t have a natal chart and are able to identify Venus on the chart, head over to Cafe Astrology and look up the time period of what sign Venus was in at the time of your birth.

Let’s take my birthday, August 3, 1986, as an example. On July 11, 1986 Venus entered Virgo until August 7, 1986 when Venus had transitioned into Libra. Therefore, my Venus sign is Virgo. You will soon learn what your Venus sign can tell you but first, let me give you a brief overview of planet Venus.

Venus happens to be the brightest object in the sky after the sun. Venus never strays too far away from the sun and represents our need for relationships with others. The location of Venus in a natal chart indicates how capable one is of closeness with others. Venus stresses emotional satisfaction and closeness with others. Depending on where Venus is located on your natal chart, it can indicate how worthy you believe you are of love and how much happiness you deserve.

Venus in each sign has unique characteristics that can provide insight into your relationships, friendships, intimacy and more depending on how open-minded you are. Here is how Venus’s presence in each sign has different implications and traits.

Venus in Aries

You are passionate and erotic. You desire attention and flattery. You are likely attracted to dominant others. You tend to be impulsive and demanding.

You go after what you want because you are ferocious and will stop at no cost. You, more than others, find it rather easy to cut all relationship ties and move on somewhat quickly.

You face your fears head on and usually won’t stop until they have been conquered. You have a unique and rambunctious sense of humor. You become even more attractive the more risky and mysterious you become.

Venus in Taurus

You are comfortable in your own skin, which attracts people to you. You are warm and caring in your approach to relationships and friendships. Another thing that draws people toward you is your spiritual connectedness. This is natural for you as Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus.

You are trustworthy and affectionate. On the downside, you are a bit possessive and you tend to get jealous easily. You have a tendency to quickly fall in lust but cautiously fall in love.

You desire sensual satisfaction. You are attracted to voluptuous partners. You are fiercely loyal and faithful. You are good with communicating in your relationships although your passive nature may prohibit you from communicating ALL of your wants and needs to another.

Venus in Gemini

It’s not impossible to get into a relationship with you but you definitely don’t like being tied down. You are eager to explore new people, ideas and places. You tend to attract people who stimulate your mind and are open to new experiences.

You have a lot of friends because you are the prime example of living in the moment. You are the opposite of fluid. Your friends and family admire your ability to adapt to changing environments.

You appreciate people who are just as curious and excited to learn new things as you are. You desire mental stimulation. Charming and somewhat emotionally detached, you fall in and out of love very quickly and are attracted to lively and intellectual partners.

Venus in Cancer

You are kind and give your unconditional love to those who deserve it…and at times to those who do not deserve it. You are supportive and are always there for someone in need.

You have a whimsical imagination and you believe most anything is attainable. You provide people with a safe haven and people are also attracted to this quality in you. Everyone wants a safe place where they can go and not fear they’ll be judged or criticized.

You are sensitive and emotional. You are compassionate and empathetic. You truly try to understand and feel what others are going through and what they’re feeling. When you are hurt or when you are betrayed, you do not bounce back very quickly and reflect on what happened and why. You desire a strong and independent partner and someone who isn’t afraid to let their guard down.

Venus in Leo

If you were born with Venus in Leo, you are passionate and fierce. You have a generous affection and tend to make the best out of any situation. You are quite the entertainer and people are attracted to you by your boastful and energetic nature.

You are one of a kind. Your mission is to create something amazing in everything you do and everyone you encounter. You have a tendency to create drama when you feel your partner isn’t appreciative of you.

You need a partner that is neither head-over-heels for you or beneath you in stature or strength. You desire adoration. You fall instantly in lust and slowly in love. You are most attracted to those with strong personalities.

Venus in Virgo

You tend to be reserved, sensuous and controlled. You are peaceful and humble. You tend to over-analyze feelings. You do not tolerate flaky promises and would rather be shown how one feels about you. You are critical of your partner but that’s only because you want your perfect person.

People are attracted to your humble heart and savvy nature. People also like that you are practical and provide logical alternatives and solutions to problems.

You fall cautiously in love and again, you analyze feelings a little too much. You are attracted to the “perfect person” and you define who that “perfect person” is. You desire perfection.

Venus in Libra

Balanced, harmonizing and even-keeled, those with Venus in Libra at birth tend to be charming, romantic, unrealistic and accommodating. Your strong desire for a partner may cause you to mistake infatuation with love. You have a strong need for commitment and you need to make sure you’re not settling.

You have an instinctive understanding of others and gives you great insight into the emotional part of people. You may overlook certain flaws or negative characteristics in people because you always want to see the best in people and give them the benefit of the doubt.

You want a comfortable lifestyle with a partner. You absolutely despise controversy and will avoid confrontations with others at all costs.

Venus in Scorpio

Your emotions run deep and only those who feel as deeply as you are able to understand that. You are sensitive but also secretive in what you choose to tell others.

You are protective of those you love. At times, you are insecure which can cause you to be jealous and possessive. Your relationships have been anything but steady and peaceful. Your relationships have been everything in between that. You want anything but a dull, boring relationship.

You keep your feelings hidden although rarely are your feelings ambivalent or questionable. You are cautious about who you allow in your life and what you tell them. Many are attracted to your irresistible sexual vibe and energy. Your intensity and loyalty is what others admire about you and attracts people your way.

Venus in Sagittarius

You are sociable and outgoing which many people are attracted to. You have many friends and people admire your easy-going and chill attitude. In relationships, you are passionate, inspired and expansive. You honest nature attracts people to you. You tell it like it is.

Your approach to relationships is pretty easy-going as well which can come off as not really caring about the relationship. Any relationship that may limit your freedom is one that won’t work out. You tend to remain single or delay any type of lifelong commitment until later in life.

Your core romantic desire is to have exotic encounters with unusual people in different places. You do not like to do the same things over and over again. You are most likely to jump into love but easily fall out of love. If you’re bored in a relationship it may be because it is not intellectually or philosophically stimulating enough for you.

Venus in Capricorn

Because of your past experiences as well as your heart, you are cautious when it comes to letting people see the real you. You have to feel completely secure before you allow others to know how you feel about them and the relationship. In relationships, you are sensual, sensible and stable.

You express your highly sensual nature in private rather than in public for the world to see. You know that it is important to take things slow in relationships. You need your alone time and your partner needs to understand that in order for things to work out.

Your ideal partner would need to have great strength and steadiness in light of challenges and obstacles thrown their way. You tend to be realistic in your choice of partner and your relationships as a whole.

Venus in Aquarius

You are friendly but also distant from others. You are interested in others as well as human nature and behavior. Friendship is something that’s always in your life.

You usually have an unconventional view of relationships and friendships and what they entail. You definitely won’t do well with a possessive partner because you have a chill and calm energy. You have the ability to connect with others especially because you bring a unique and different perspective to issues or problems.

What do you bring to relationships? Authenticity and unconventional tastes. You tend to be a step ahead of others and you enjoy conversing with others around you whether or not you know them. You need a partner who is going to be collected but a little more hyper than yourself.

Venus in Pisces

You are in touch with your emotions and that can backfire by showing too much emotion too soon. You desire and need the love and affection from other people. You bring changeability and acceptability to relationships. You are pretty fluid in your approach to things.

You have to remember that not everyone is as caring, compassionate and sentimental as you. You need regular reassurance from your partner and friends in order to feel secure within the relationship. You are generous and very spiritual which can attract people to you.

You are imaginative and you need a partner who has an imagination like you. You bring people to places they thought were fantasy or things you see in the movies. You are a genuine and loving partner.

Venus inspires love to be created and also works to maintain the fire. Your Venus sign ultimately defines your deal-breakers as well as your relationship values. This is all for you to understand yourself and be aware of who you are. Venus ignites your empathic and sensual self.

Venus in the signs gives insight into your wants versus needs in relationships and friendships. It gives information about what you’re willing to compromise and what you’re not. TC mark

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