10 Promises You Need To Make To Yourself In 2018

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Alexis Chloe

I don’t know about everyone reading this, but for me, 2017 was the worst year of my entire life. Not because of the challenges but because everything kept happening back to back and when I would conquer one battle, the next was waiting for me.

I have always been the person to put everyone’s needs or wants before my own. And guess what? More often than not, I am the one who ends up hurt in the end.

There are a lot of changes I am going to make for 2018 and I hope anyone reading this joins me on this journey. These are the promises I will uphold in 2018 and after. I hope whoever is reading this can promise themselves these things as well.

1. I promise to put my needs before anyone else’s. It’s not my job to fulfill everyone else’s needs and wants and neglect my own.

2. I promise to make sure any relationships I engage in will be equal and fair. I will only put in as much effort as the other. I will only give when I feel my needs are being met whether it be emotionally or physically.

3. I promise to never let anyone else but myself define my value and worth. It will never be put in the hands of someone else, ever again. It’s finally mine to own and I’ll never let it go again.

4. I promise to have more patience. I have always been very impatient and always wanting that instant gratification. It’s unrealistic and good things take time.

5. I promise to be a good friend and a better friend to those presently in my life. I will put more of an effort into my friendships and communicate with my friends more. They deserve it and I promise to show them that.

6. I promise to not allow my negative past experiences affect my current and future experiences. I can be cautious and careful without allowing my emotions to dictate my behavior or feelings.

7. I promise to be a better daughter, sister, aunt, niece and cousin. I want to be present more in their lives and I have to make the effort to be a part of their lives as much as they let me.

8. I promise to cherish every moment I am alive and make beautiful memories. In the end, when we lose someone we love or we were close to, all we have to remember are the memories we shared together.

9. I promise to live in the moment and try not to worry about the past or future. I’ve come to realize that worrying serves no purpose in my life. It doesn’t change the outcome of situations and whatever happens is going to happen whether I worry about it or not.

10. I promise to give 100% in anything and everything I do. I am not going to lie and say I haven’t half-assed anything because I have and I don’t want to make a habit out of it. No matter how big or small the task, I promise to give it my all no matter what.

I am beyond ready to say goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018 with open arms. While we all know change is difficult, I’m going to embrace it rather than be scared of it. When we fear change, we hinder our ability to live a life that is open and free.

If any readers have ever been taken advantage of, lost someone close to them, put others before themselves or just need a change in their lives, these 10 things will guarantee you a better journey and better life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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