Top 10 Most Common Dreams And Why You Have Them

Top 10 Most Common Dreams And Why You Have Them
Kinga Cichewicz

‘There are nights we swear we slept the whole night without a single dream and there are other nights we wake up with vivid memories of our dreams that we can’t forget. The truth is, even on those nights you don’t remember your dreams, you still have them. The dreams you remember are for a reason, it’s your unconscious trying to reach out to you.

It’s important to take note of what happens in your dreams and how they make you feel because it can tell you a lot about yourself and your life. Interpreting those dreams though takes time and energy, and can tend to be extremely difficult.

As humans, we have many similarities and crossovers in our lives, so it’s no surprise we have very similar dreams. There are the 10 most common dreams and meanings.

1. Under a threat: being chased or attacked

Overall, these dreams tend to represent a stressor in one’s life overwhelming them or bombarding them day to day. It’s a fear that there is little one can do to protect themselves from this stressor that is attacking their lives. The feeling of being chased is representative of you running away or trying to escape something in your life and the panic of it reappearing later on.

2. Being restricted: feeling lost or trapped

These dreams occur when you are confused about something in your life. There may be things happening in your life that make you feel powerless or out of your control. It could range from a big life change to simply feeling like you’re missing something that enables these dreams.

3. Out of control: Car or other transportation accident

This dream usually occurs when there is something going on in your life that is out of control. There’s something in your life that continues to spiral out of control while you are just there watching it, unable to stop or slow down, until you crash.

4. Complete destruction: natural disaster/man-made disasters

Typically people experience these types of dreams when they are confronted with or dealing with very serious issues or problems. Disasters represent a complete and total destruction of something you care deeply about or fear of destruction. These dreams could also represent personal problems that are spiraling out of control.

5. Physical sensation: Falling

The feeling of falling usually represents feelings of insecurity or helplessness. When a person wakes up gasping for air with a feeling of their stomach turning, it’s a sign of discontent. It means there is something going on in your life that causing you intense emotions that you need to get on top of.

6. Public embarrassment: Being inappropriately dressed (or not)

These dreams represent vulnerability. When the possibility of exposing oneself to another in some way makes you feel uncomfortable, it can be either emotionally or physically. It could also be representative of shame or embarrassment in your life to the ones who mean the most to you.

7. Poor performance

This usually occurs when you may be tested with some challenge in life whether it be a school exam or challenge to make a decision that will strongly impact your life. Some dream experts have suggested this can also mean anxiety regarding recent sexual performance.

8. Damage: of house and/or property

These types of dreams may happen when there is something of value in your life that is at risk. The positive aspect of these types of dreams is that you discover new things about the thing of value at risk and are able to better prepare.

9. Being late or missing something important

This could be a connecting flight or a class. Experiencing these types of dreams can represent feelings of missing out on things. They can also occur when you’re feeling anxious or feel you are losing touch with someone in your life.

10. Dying or being ill or being injured

This type of dream may represent something in your life that is no longer there or something within yourself that is no longer working. The positive aspect of these types of dreams are the possibilities of new beginnings. Some experts have suggested these types of dreams can represent anxiety about how others perceive you and your physical appearance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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