4 Perfect Qualities Of A Best Friend That You Should Look For In A Significant Other

I have never been in love, but if I do one day I hope it feels like it does with my best friend.

1. They won’t question/correct you when you’re wrong

I don’t care that she cannot spell synagogue. She only found out when she read “Best Quotes from Schmidt” article. She does not care that I say motherpot because my brain was working too fast and slammed motherload and jackpot together. I usually revel in correcting someone’s lack of common sense, for example someone told me “hair color was not genetic” and I ripped them a new asshole. However if she said it I would laugh and let her continue living her life in ignorant bliss. I think that’s what love is.

2. They won’t care if I don’t text back

We have all had that person who if you don’t text them back in 3.2 seconds there is another text and a phone call. Then next thing you know the SWAT team is at your door and a helicopter over your house. We love each other with such intensity we keep our read receipts on and we know when we are being ignored. What we do next is mind blowing, but we continue living our damn lives. We are not each other’s everything and we are sometimes independent of one another. Only sometimes, being missed is nice once in a while.

3. They do not yell at my indecisiveness

We are both indecisive people. Having the “What do you want to eat?” discussion more than our excellent ear warming thighs would like to admit. There is no pressuring each other to rush into a decision. Well aware there is only so much stomach space that it needs to be used wisely. Sitting aloofly for 6 hours watching Wet Hot American Summer going back and forth on food option every once in a while until one of us caves and says “Let’s get Thai and go to Amy’s”.

4. They do not care if I sleep with other people

I really think this is the most important quality of our relationship and the glue that really sticks us together. Even though we are each other’s soulmates in every way and we love each other to pieces so much that people think we are a genuine couple. We are aware as two heterosexual females there is a hole the other cannot fill. So we must step out of the relationship to have our needs met. It does not make her less important to me or myself to her. There is no jealousy in our relationship, there is freedom and that’s what I want in future romantic relationships. TC mark


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