What Your Summer Anthem Says About You

1. Believe Me – Lil Wayne, Drake

I’m kinda a big deal. #weezybaby

2. Undressed – Kim Cesarion

You enjoy summer beverages and more than likely single.  #heyyyyy 

3. XO – John Mayer

You’re feeling a little lonely sitting on a beach or park bench dreaming of an ex love. Oh geez that’s real. 

4. Maps – Maroon 5

Hi I’m mainstream. Lols. But really Adam Levine is perfect.  #whitejeans

5. Classic – MKTO

You like catchy tunes and probably like to dance around your room, alone, on a Friday night. #guilty. 

6. Ed Sheeran’s “X”. 

You’re doing everything right. I like you. #gingerjesus @cambam_26

7. Boom Clap – Charli XCX

You saw The Fault in Our Stars, I mean #TFIOS. And this song was the only upbeat song so #summabeats.

8. Wasted – Tiesto

Pretty self-explanatory. I respect it. #cheersmate

9. Problem – Ariana Grande

Don’t lie everyone likes this song. How can you not. We all got problems. #tooreal. 

10 Fancy – Iggy Azaela

Come on you need to stop right now. There is new music you should be listening to. But if it comes on the radio and you’re alone, sing it, very loudly, because you already knoooooow. 

11. Beautiful – Mali Music

Listen to this right meow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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