11 Times When We Should Love Life

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1. Having a real life/grown up conversation with your eldest sibling and taking in everything they have to say. Right or wrong, hard or easy to hear, you’re old enough to appreciate them and all the advice they give to you.

2. Being able to stay in on a Saturday night and watch all of the Disney movies on Netflix with some of your closest friends. Because Pocahontas is a classic love story, and The Fox and The Hound will make you cry no matter what.

3. Realizing where you are in your life is exactly where you should be. And you are no longer comparing your success to those around you. First or last, you’re proud of everything you have accomplished.

4. Having free time to be able to walk on the sidewalk and feel small in this big world. Especially on the busy streets of your hometown, or lonely sidewalk in your neighborhood.

5. Feeling confident before AND after an interview. Good or bad, you know you did your very best.

6. Feeling comfortable in your own skin. Converse or heels, you look great.

7. Making someone laugh instead of just getting them to smile. Because laughing is better, oh so much better than just smiling with someone. It opens the door to feel vulnerable and is an unspoken bond to which you both believe something is funny.

8. When your best friend tells you about their success and you are proud of them. And they are happy that you are happy for them; and in that very moment, you know that you are the only person in the world that could make them feel that way, and it is exactly what they needed to keep going.

9. Seeing your favorite band live!!!

10. Finishing a really good book. Nuff said.

11. Hearing the words, “I’m proud of you” from your parents. #selfexplanatory Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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