31 Reasons Golden Retrievers Are Your Best Friends


1. You two live together — that’s the beginning of all friendships.

2. He listens. Yes he sits and stays; but he also listens to you talk about nothing and everything. And he never interrupts. Ever.

3. You two share the same sleep schedule. When you take a nap, he also takes a nap.

4. And cuddling is always a good idea.

5. And sleepovers are routine.

6. He never leaves the room when you play music too loud.

7. He borrows you clothes; it typically consists of socks and whatever else he can get his paws on. He also returns them damaged and a little soggy.

8. He accepts your flaws. This includes forgetting the ball when you two go to the park.

9. You two grew up together.

10. He likes to hide things around the house for you to find. Usually in the backyard. Behind the rose garden. In the dirt.

11. You two love bacon. That’s all.

12. Sometimes you two step on each other’s toes/paws.

13. He never stays mad at you and usually forgets about it in 10 minutes.

14. He makes the best running partner.

15. Air bud is his favorite movie (and yours too).

16. He will eat the last cookie and he won’t even be sorry about it.

17. He nags and barks at you when he wants to go outside.

18. He is a firm believer in long walks on the beach.

19. You two share the same love for Grey’s Anatomy.

20. He always rides shotgun.

21. He is always down to meet new people.

22. He eats off your plate.

23. Your parents love him.

24. You have endless nicknames for him.

25. He is a firm believer in hugs as a greeting; they are always perfect.

26. When you two haven’t seen each other in awhile your hugs transform into full-blown tackles.

27. He smiles at you for no reason at all.

28. He loves going to the mall with you.

29. He is in at least half of your Instagram photos.

30. Your friends are automatically his friends.

31. He is always your favorite person to come home to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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