10 Reasons Why Cristina Yang Can’t Leave Grey’s Anatomy

So my fear is real. At the end of this season of Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Yang will be gone. I don’t know how they will do it, but I don’t like it. Honestly, if I could have one TV show best friend it would be Cristina Yang. Here are some funny, but true reasons why the hilarious Sandra Oh should not leave Grey’s Anatomy.
Amazon / Grey's Anatomy
Amazon / Grey’s Anatomy

1. There will be no more Meredith and Cristina. Like what? Seriously? Riddle me this… Who is going to be Mer’s person??? This should be enough of a reason, but let’s keep going.

2. Who is going to keep motivating intern Ross? If you’re not up to date on this season, catch up and see what I mean. #spoileralert.

3. She invented #teamnoexcuses when it comes to being a surgeon and owning at life. (Minus that whole wedding breakdown, #lowpoint).

4. Really we are going to hurt Hunt again? I mean unless they run off together I would be okay with that Mrs. Rhimes.

5. Who is going to tell me to, “Have some fire. Be unstoppable. Be a force of nature. Be better than anyone here, and don’t give a damn what anyone thinks. There are no teams here, no buddies. You’re on your own. Be on your own.” Side note… how amazing is this quote? And every other motivating sentence that has fluttered from Yang’s beautiful and talented mind.

6. Dr. Yang is the queen of sarcasm and real talk… please don’t take her away.

7. Who is going to sing “Like a Virgin” while cutting open a cadaver? (YouTube it).

8. Who is going to suggest a 30 second dance party? “Shut up! Dance it out! Dancing makes you brave!”

9. You already showed me what old Cristina looks like; you can’t do this to me.

10. Again, and most importantly, who is going to be Meredith’s person? “You’re my person. You will always be my person.” WRONG. BRB CRYING. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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