5 Adventurous Things To Do This Summer


Remember when summer time meant we could let go of our responsibilities, take a brain break and run through the sprinklers all day if we wanted to? Although this may not be your reality anymore (and if by some stroke of luck it is, well then by all means enjoy) that doesnโ€™t mean that summer adventure has to take a back seat to adulthood. Here are 5 things you should definitely be doing this summer.

1. Quit making reservations and start cooking

What better time then summer, when the local farmers markets are over flowing with fresh produce, to start a healthy new habit? Iโ€™m not suggesting you have to become the next Bobby Flay overnight โ€“ summer is just a great time to have some friends over, make some Moscow Mules and throw some burgers on the grill. Sure that trendy burger joint down the road from your house has to-die-for special sauce, but nothing beats summer barbeques with good company.

2. Pick up a new outdoor habit

Before you know it winter will be back and youโ€™ll be bundled up under 15 different layers praying for summer again. So get outside and do something new.ย  I was recently invited to go mountain biking and my initial reaction was โ€œUH NO! ARE YOU KIDDING!? Iโ€™D FOR SURE HIT A ROCK AND FALL DOWN THE MOUNTAIN TO MY DEATH!โ€ But then I thought- Heyโ€ฆIโ€™m active, I like being outside, why not try a new activity โ€“ after all itโ€™s worth trying anything once right?

3. Every cityโ€™s secret: summer means FREE events

Read through your local paper and check out lifestyle websites and blogs that feature events happening in your city. More often than not summer is a time where there is a bunch of free stuff going on. Whether itโ€™s an outdoor concert series, weekly movies or weekend beer fests, there is always something to enjoy that will give your bank account a break.

4. Go camping. At least once, or twice, or three times

Sounds pretty standard right? Camping is a normal outdoor summer activity, but when was the last time you actually got a group of people together, packed up and headed into the wilderness? This summer explore new territory and sleep in the nature. Hell maybe youโ€™ll even get to take a dip in some hot springs along the way! And letโ€™s be honest, no body ever got mad about that.

5. Take a mini vacation

Just because we no longer get a three month break from school doesnโ€™t mean that summer vacation no longer exists. This summer make an opportunity to explore your state. Take a mini vacation up north, up the coast or to that one remote mountain town youโ€™ve always wanted to visit for the weekend. You may end up finding that your mini vacation leads you to a new go-to spot not far from every day life! TC mark


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