This Is Grace And It Touches All Of Us

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Grace is all around us, every minute, every second of the day.

It’s when you’re soul feels heavy, but something small makes you smile.

It’s that familiar scent of coffee in the morning that brings yours to life.

It’s that feeling of knowing the right thing to do, when you’re usually unsure of yourself.

It’s knowing when to stay home because you need time to for yourself.

And surrounding yourself with good friends, the ones who answer your phone calls and not just your texts.

It’s writing out your anxieties so you stop living in a future that hasn’t happened yet.

It’s quietness, when everything around you is constantly too loud.

It’s a hand to hold, even when it’s clammy, or rough, male or female. And sometimes it’s not about how it fits in yours, but the fact that you have someone willing to hold your hold your hand when you need it.

It’s the warmth of a great red wine.

It’s the light of the sun, when you realize how beautiful the day is, the planet is and you are grateful to be alive.

Grace is crying tears of sadness, because keeping it inside would make you explode.

It’s tears of joy, when you’re happy for someone else.

It’s forgetting about the things that use to run and ruin your happiness, because, without grace, it would have destroyed you.

It’s forgiveness. The kind that makes you look back and wonder why you ever held the grudge in the first place.

It’s the sweat filled t-shirt that reminded you that you’re capable of doing so much more than sitting on the couch.

Grace is the spark that makes you realize all of life’s little intricacies and feel thankful; feel stunned at the number of possibilities, the plethora of good, the capacity for happiness you have, and the amount of control you actually have about what you feel.

It’s stopping to look around and feel the naturalness of everything around you. And when you get that sensation, that it’s all wonderful, that YOU are ALIVE, breathing, feeling, that is grace. TC mark

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