No Matter Where You’re Going, You’ll Get There

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“Everything happens for a reason.”

I live my life according to this daunting phrase (with so much power and so little justifiable evidence), but I catch myself wondering if there’s more going on behind the scenes.

I wonder about life all the time. Not just the mysteries of the unmeasurable universe, but my role in it. Me. My Future. The Great Unknown.

But then I started thinking… Should I really be resting the outcome of my life on this ambiguous statement? We’re taught that we need to work hard to get what we want, and obviously, I know that’s true. I mean, if no one, in all of mankind, ever worked hard for what they wanted — the world would have stopped by now right?

But I can’t help but question: Am I actually doing the work, creating my own future, or was all of this predestined, predetermined? And all of these changes…have they already been written in the stars?

Do we have the power to affect our own destiny, or is destiny just a band-aid to make us feel good or bad about the way things happen?

Some might say this a religious matter; a question of God’s plan, but as a chronic over-analyzer, I’m not really sure if it matters whether it’s your God, the mystical Universe or any other forces that be. I just want to know…

Do I really make my own choices?Or is all this stress about my path in life already laid out for me? Are we all living in the Truman Show? We will never know.

And whether you believe in a Divinity or not, I don’t think believing one way or the other makes the choices and situations presented to us any easier to handle. Everything is momentary. This life is about consulting and comforting yourself with the unknown.

Our fear is what brings us stress and makes us feel vulnerable, keeping us scared, ashamed, embarrassed and it won’t change unless you do, too.

Your outlook is everything.

The unknown is beautiful — not scary. And the more you condition yourself to this, the more comfortable you should feel in all of the situations that life presents you with (however bold or minimal they may seem at the moment).

Your life can and will be beautiful and full.

You just have to believe that you will end up where you need to be. It all happens for a reason. And when you finally get there, you’ll see you had nothing to worry about. You will keep getting to your destination again and again on our very unpredictable life journeys.

We are constantly changing, and moving forward. It may not always feel like it, but even when the days and weeks have become mundane, life will throw you a curveball and you might hit it out of the park or you might strike out, but no matter where you go, be easy because you belong there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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