You Will Never Understand What Being A Mom Is Like Until You Actually Become One

Unsplash / Janko Ferlic

Your friends who don’t have kids will never understand. Even your friends who think their pets are children will never understand.

But it is okay. Because I know.

You will never understand until you have screamed at a toddler at 12:40 am to “go the F to sleep” while they yell back at you that they just want a snack, and you both have tears streaming down your face because you’re both tired (and probably hungry) and then you sit with them at the dining room table for a snack and you stare at each other and wonder what kind of parent you have become, eating animal crackers and drinking non-watered down orange juice with your three-year-old… and then the three-year-old says, “Mommy I love you.”

Tears stream down your face when you lay your head on your pillow and stare at the now sleeping child, who seems so angelic and innocent now as she sleeps.

You curse yourself for losing your cool, you wonder if you’re doing everything wrong, if she will turn out okay, if you will turn out okay.

Will it all be okay?


Yes, it will.

Because here is something that no one will tell you. Sometimes, it takes a lot to love.

There is a reason why people feel changed once they become parents. You experience, for maybe the first time, the definition of unconditional love. The unwavering, unquestionable, and most unconditional love that takes place between you and your tiny human is irrevocable and beautiful even when it is really ugly and even when you don’t know if you’re doing anything right.

And that love will become your strength. It will empower and motivate you to do great things.

So chin up. It’s nothing a box of ritz crackers and a juice box can’t fix.

You’re doing great. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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