6 Reasons Why You Keep Attracting Toxic People Into Your Life

Kristopher Roller

1. You’re a great listener.

You will gladly listen to someone talk about themselves or their bullshit for hours on end without interrupting. People feel better about themselves after talking to you. You might feel a little drained after a long conversation, but you would never let them know that. You let people know that if they ever want to talk or vent, you’ll be there for them.

2. You’re understanding.

You would never shut down conversation with a person; you’re open to their thoughts, ideas and you want to understand the views of others. You pride yourself on the fact that people label you as understanding and compassionate.

3. You’re trusting.

People love trusting people. They love to know that they can trust you with their deepest, darkest, dirtiest secret and that you will keep it safe. Just don’t let yourself be taken advantage of.

4. You’re friendly.

You like meeting new people from different walks of life and you’re just an all around great friend. You return those late night phone calls. You actually read those texts that could be a small book. You’ll meet up with your toxic friend at 2am at Denny’s on the sketchy part of town and listen to her talk while you finish off a short stack of pancakes. You’re an awesome friend and you don’t expect anything in return.

5. You’re positive.

You emulate a glowing beam of light. Positivity shines out your ass. You lift people’s spirits and make people feel good about themselves. You know there’s some toxic people in your life that get their positivity from you, you little ray of sunshine.

6. You don’t criticize.

You’re not critical, judgmental or self-righteous. People love that about you and know that they can be themselves without being criticized by you. Toxic people, lose themselves over this quality in you because they know that no matter how many times they repeatedly show their ass you will not criticize or pass judgment on them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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