Guys: Here’s What Girls Really Think of Your Hairstyle

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably really concerned about what a guy thinks about your hairstyle. I’m sure you go to the hair salon to switch up your look thinking “Man, I hope that guy I pass on subway every day likes my new cut and color!” I’m assuming that’s why this article was written. Just for you. A handful of popular hairstyles were shown to men and they were gracious enough to give their honest feedback. So naturally I felt the need to do the same, because I’m sure guys everywhere who don’t even know I exist are dying to know what I think about their hairstyles.

Well, listen up guys because I’ve picked out the most popular ‘dos I’ve seen guys with over the past few months and have given my completely necessary and totally solicited opinions. You’re welcome.

Man Bun

Here’s the thing about man buns that I don’t understand, why is it such a big deal to have one? I mean women have been wearing topknots and messy buns for years, where’s our award? Anyway, I think man bun wearers everywhere are just like TLC’s second album: crazy, sexy and cool.


Once again a new take on a style women have been rocking for years. Is it just me or does this look like the male version of Snooki’s beloved poof? Guys who take the time to make this hairstyle stand up on it’s own like that for an entire day are probably high maintenance, so I’m not really interested. Sorry not sorry.

Shaved on the Sides/Back

Okay so I’m not sure what this hairstyle is actually called, but I like it. The guy sporting this style is definitely casual and cool, he dresses sporty and is super laid back. Always.

The Side Part

To me, the side part is everything and it gives me life. Only a classic man could rock this hairstyle, but I’m not sure I’d actually date a guy with a side part because 1) what if it looks better than mine and 2) he might spend too much time in the mirror trying to perfect this perfectly parted style and we can’t have that.

Any Type Of Fade

Wait, I lied before this is the hairstyle that gives me life, as long as your lining is crisp, otherwise, don’t even bother. Seriously.

Slicked Back

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Let’s be honest the only guys successfully wearing this are David Beckham, Justin Timberlake and Leo DiCaprio. Sorry fellas.


What can I say about locs? I mean, look at them, just look at them, they’re beautiful. Nuff said.

So there you have it, my opinion on the hair that you may or may not be currently rocking. I’m sure now that you know what I think about your hairstyle you’re dying to share it with the world, or maybe even switch it up. Who wouldn’t want to change their hair based on something a complete stranger thinks? I know personally, thanks to that article, I’m going to continue rocking my natural hair with confidence because I no longer have to wonder what guys think about me doing so.

Phew! Thank goodness. TC mark


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  • Cara

    Well I’ll tell you what I, as a female (and a single female looking for a potential mate) think about a man’s hairstyle. It says something about him, that’s what I think. I mean, if a man has a combover (and we all know what a combover is) it says he’s losing his hair but in denial about the fact that he’s losing his hair, and so he grows it real long on one side and COMBS IT OVER THE BALD SPOT in hopes of deceiving the entire world, and he ends up fooling nobody, he ends up looking ridiculous. I’d rather see combover guy accept his baldness and move on with life. I’d respect him more if he did that.
    Now when I see a man who has frosted tips, a guy who visits his colorist twice a month, I just KNOW he’s gonna spend more time in front of the mirror than I do. If he’s an out and proud gay man, that’s wonderful. But if he’s spending that much time and effort fretting over his appearance AND insisting he’s straight, I’m sorry but I’ll always wonder if he maybe has a secret boyfriend he doesn’t want me to know about…I know, it’s not politically correct to say such a thing, but if I dated the guy with the frosted tips and harbored that suspicion about him and held it in, that wouldn’t be so healthy for the relationship, now would it.

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