Why I Say ‘Me Too’

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“Cause you brought the flames and you put me through hell, I had to learn how to fight for myself, and we both know all the truth I could tell, I’ll just say this is I wish you farewell.” — “Praying”, Kesha

I say Me Too for the woman who is too afraid to share her story.

For the woman who has been told so many times to keep quiet and sweep it under the rug. That it wasn’t “that big of a deal”. For the woman who has lost her voice along the way because she is afraid no one will believe her. For the woman who keeps it all to herself and tries like hell to pretend nothing happened.

I say Me Too for the woman who didn’t ask to be touched, who didn’t ask to be cat-called as they walked down the street. For the woman who is now afraid to wear her little black dress because she will be slut shamed and told that she was asking for it. For the woman whose outfit does NOT mean yes.

I say Me Too for the girl at the party who just wanted to have fun. For the girl who didn’t ask to be taken advantage of, the girl who feels it was her fault for getting too drunk. For the girl who now keeps to herself because she now has a reputation that she easy because SOMEONE ELSE did something wrong.

I say Me Too for the woman who is just trying to make a living. For the woman who goes to work every day and gets harassed by a boss, coworker, or customers. For the woman who didn’t ask to be cornered by sexual commits with no way to deflect them. For the woman who is afraid if she says something, she will lose the job she worked so hard to get.

I say Me Too for men and women who have been verbally or sexually abused/harassed. I stand with you and I have your back. It’s no longer going to be OK for this treatment to continue. I say Me Too for you if you can’t find your voice, if it’s buried so deep that you forgot what it sounded like but, I urge you to find the strength and the courage to use it once again. It’s time we come out of the shadows and let our voices be heard, that we won’t stand for this anymore.

I say Me Too to remind you that you are strong and beautiful and that what happened to you does not define you.

You have a fire inside you and the heart of a warrior and once you realize that nothing can stop you or dim your light, we are in this together.

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