This Is Me Deleting You From My Life

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The truth is, I loved you more than I ever should have. The love I had for you was enough for the both of us. I guess it had to be since the love on your end was basically non-existent.

The truth is, I should have walked away, I should have seen the signs and turned around the first time my head told me to. But, my heart wouldn’t listen, I was so drawn to you that I couldn’t see that you weren’t actually helping me by breaking my wall down, you were tearing it down and breaking my heart at the same time.

The Truth is I believed in you, I believed in us. But, I wasn’t what you wanted was I? You wanted to put me on a back burner to be a backup for you. The truth is, you still cross my mind more times in one day than I care to admit to, but, I’m getting better at moving on with each time.

So, this is me moving on.

This is me deleting you from my life. This is me skipping all the songs that make my heart miss you. This is me turning the page on that chapter in my life.

The chapter filled with laughter, inside jokes, and 2 am lip sync battles. Also, that chapter with so much heartache and an ocean filled with tears. This is me no longer worrying myself with YOUR happiness but instead finding my own.

This is me walking forward into the unknown and not looking back. This is me refusing to give my heart to someone unless I know they won’t break it the way you did. This is me finding my self-worth and knowing I am worth so much more than you ever gave me. This is me letting the memories of us wash away and move on. This is me no longer crying for someone who wouldn’t shed a tear for me.

This is me, saying goodbye. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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