14 Men React To The Idea Of Their GF Posting Sexy Pictures Online

Twenty20 / @criene
Twenty20 / @criene


“Not into it. My ex used to do that shit, she was fueled by male attention. She actively did shit like that to cultivate a stable of orbiters who all hoped they were next in line.

People need to get their idealistic comments out of here. Boundaries are awesome, yo.”

— theSchmoozer


“I just broke up with my ex because of this last week! She also never hung out with girls, which isn’t bad but I’m a fuckin dude and I know what those dudes are trying to do. She seemed oblivious to it, tried keeping in contact/hang out with ex’s and former FWB’s.

I’d bring up when guys were trying to get with her rather than be just friends and she would get so pissed at me because I said it made me uncomfortable. So yeah orbiters are definitely a real thing and my ex couldn’t just tell them to leave.”

— scottymt36


“Yeah because you just need to post that picture of you in a bikini holding the camera above your head. I agree. There is a difference between posting a picture of you out doing something/updating your current because you haven’t in a while and taking pictures in all kinds of poses every single day and putting it online.”

— JVMorrow


“I’m against it. In fact, I don’t think I could stay with someone who continued posting that sort of thing after I made it clear I didn’t approve.”

— molten_dragon


“To each their own. If you aren’t into it and she is — one of you has to give in or go your separate ways.

I, personally, think it is hot as hell and would not have any issues with it.”

— neg8ivezero


“It’d be a deal breaker for me.”

— ThePewterPeenor


“There’s nothing objectively wrong with what she’s doing. Some guys would be ok with it and that’s fine. Some guys would not and that’s fine too. Personally, I would not be.”

— illegallad


“My gf loves photos like this. She’s very positive and we’re very open and communicate really well. However, this sort of stuff really irks me. It makes me feel like the more private parts of her body are just out there and on the Internet, like there’s nothing special about me seeing them you know?”

— NiceHatTommy


“If the pictures she is posting just happen to look sexy, but they were not intended to be, then I am fine. However, I would not be okay with her posting intentionally sexy pictures to get attention.”

— PacSan300


“I like it a lot. But I am an extreme case. My girlfriend and I have a throw away where we post nudes and of us fucking. We also fuck in public places trying to not get caught and on omegle for strangers. We are exhibitionists and I love to show her off and have no fear of losing her to someone else.”

— Paratrooper_19D


“Doesn’t bother me. She can do what she wants, she’s still sitting next to me and in he same bed as me each night and she’d be there when I need her. That’s the important stuff.”

— CoeusLoki


“In a vacuum? No big deal if it makes her happy.

In practice? Any woman who desires that much sexual attention from other men has a 99.99% chance of cheating. And the other .01% is a fatal car crash on the way to go cheat.”

— toysoldierxiii


“I wouldn’t post photos of my self in my boxers and i expect my girl not to post photos of herself in lingerie . its worse on her end in fact, because you know women get far more attention from things like this. if you’ve just started seeing her then just say to her, ‘I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the level of sexiness in the photos you post online,’ and see how she reacts.”

— GrillPenetrationUnit


“No thanks. My ex was an attention whore, she didn’t post online but she craved male attention but was always looking for something new. I don’t think you post photos online for any reason other than needing confirmation and attention. It would be too much for me and even if they stopped, I’d probably still think they needed too much attention.”

— Cant-Find-Username Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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