50 Women Reveal The Raunchy Details Of Their Biggest Hookup Mistake Ever

17. Some really bad FWBs

My last FWB. The guy simply had almost zero stamina. First BJ I gave him went like this: thup thup thup thup thup thup….squirt. Just that fast (I used thup because I don’t know how to type a sucking noise heh).

Well it was our first time together, so I figured he had stage fright. He recovered and we went to PIV. Shag shag shag shag shag….squirt. Just about that fast.

This happened a few more times, and I eventually scored an orgasm. Keep in mind that I am really easy to give an orgasm to, but he couldn’t muster that on a regular basis. TWO MINUTES is all it took usually for me, and he’d jizz out long before that. I finally got tired of it and told him to buzz off.

Another bad one was the first guy I met when I moved here. He was divorced, and complained that his ex wasn’t ever passionate. Sooo anyway, I was giving him this nice BJ. I’m pretty good at them, and never had a guy be totally silent the whole time…but this guy was. Not a single moan or peep or anything. And when he came, not a single indication that he enjoyed a single moment of it. And then sex was the same thing. No noises or anything at all. As I said, I am super easy to give an orgasm to, but after a few minutes, I tuned out and wanted it done. Mr Passionate was about as much fun as fucking a mannequin. I never called him back…at least my vibrator makes funny noises and doesn’t come in my mouth.

— CrazyIrina

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