50 Women Reveal The Raunchy Details Of Their Biggest Hookup Mistake Ever

15. He kept begging me to let him take his condom off

So I go on a date with a guy I’ve known for a while, he makes dinner, conversation is good, great kisser, yay! Things start heating up, so we go to his room. He tries to put it in, and I say “Hold up, condom dude.” Then the whole time he keeps asking me to take it off.

Eventually I stop and have a serious conversation about boundaries, and how not only is a condom for my safety, but his too. I have to explain to him that it is entirely possible to have something and not have symptoms, or a small chance of pregnancy on my end. Like holy fuck, what kind of adult doesn’t know this?

— VioletViola

16. 90 second shooter

Guy friend.

We hooked up a handful of times. He didn’t last more than 90 seconds each time.

We are in a group chat (I’m token female) and he always talks about slaying pussy and all the girls he’s banging. I don’t know if he has premature ejaculation problems with all of them but I never said anything to anyone about hooking up with him and I just kind of lol whenever he mentions his studliness

— TeflonPantSuit

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