50 Women Reveal The Raunchy Details Of Their Biggest Hookup Mistake Ever

9. We had sex outside a stranger’s house

Years ago, it was Valentine’s Day. I had broken up with a guy the night before, and some single friends and I went to the gay bar to dance. I met this dude there and we were flirting – he was cute, but nothing special, and there were some obnoxious aspects to his personality. For example, he was bragging about his paycheck and he took it out and showed it to me; I don’t remember the amount but I remember it wasn’t as impressive as he thought it was, lol.

So this wasn’t someone I’d date but I was looking for a hookup and nothing more. We decided to leave the bar and go hook up. I was living with my parents at the time and he said he was too, but we could park in the driveway of his parents’ house and have sex there. I agreed (again, I was younger and had been drinking and i would NOT do this today).

So he directs me to his driveway, I get on top of him in the passenger seat, he puts on a condom, we have adequate sex, he comes and I’m just like ready to be done with this guy at this point. I’m back in the driver’s seat getting my clothes in order when a man comes out of the house.

I’m like, “Is that your dad?” He says no. I ask who it is. He says, “I don’t know, this isn’t my house!” All incredulous, like I was ridiculous for asking. I am PISSED now and I peel out of the driveway. I don’t want to fully cuss him out but I basically tell him he’s an idiot, an asshole, and to stop talking to me.

When I dropped him off by the bar we met at, he tried to convince me to drive him and his friend to a party. I had to yell at him to get out of my car.

I’ve had a few regrettable hookups, but that was probably the most shameful.

— lady_moods

10. This is not okay

The guy who took the condom off, stuck it back in and ejaculated inside me, even though I was screaming no. Also it was pretty much the first time I’d ever had sex. (First guy hardly counted because he only got half his dick in before he came.)

— lady_moods

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