50 Women Reveal The Raunchy Details Of Their Biggest Hookup Mistake Ever

43. Confessed to masturbating to thoughts of me

I had just broken up with my ex boyfriend, who I had been with for 5 years. I hooked up with someone and this guy kept doing things around my house, cooking, cleaning, fixing shit. Turns out he had been into me for a while and confessed to masturbating to me one day when I had work a nice dress to class… I needed the emotional support but was too vulnerable not to keep putting out.

I even dated him for a few months until I came to my senses… yikes. My parents are so sweet and pretend it never happened, even though they met him a few times. I adore my current bf and that guy just feels like… a stain on my record basically, he is so embarrassing

— claireballoon

44. Neurological damage lead to awful hookups

I had some awful hook ups to look back on after id been in a serious car accident. Whilst my face healed and my arm came out of the cast, i still had a bit of neurological damage. I shouldn’t have been going out anyway. Hooked up with an ex and then sent him home immediately which was pretty rude.

I also slept with this delinquent called Jonny who followed me around at parties and would just show up at my house randomly. He never had any money and had way more (long term) mental health problems than I did. He wrote terrible poetry. He had very bad breath and wouldn’t stop talking during sex it was really off putting. I was wasted both times we slept together.

All is well with me now thankfully but I ran into him on the street last yr and he’s still on the same path, ranting about the evils of capitalism and trying to stay with me cos he’s homeless. I gave him some money. He’s basically a good person but boy does it remind me of a bad phase in my own life.

— methodologie

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