50 Women Reveal The Raunchy Details Of Their Biggest Hookup Mistake Ever

41. Orgy after my LTR went wrong

It’s a tie, for me.

The first was at an orgy I went to after I got out of my last LTR. The group thing was winding down and one guy approached me to take it up stairs. This was my first “sexually liberated” experience, so I was like “eh, why the fuck not?”

Here’s why tf not: he was completely shitfaced, he was a smoker and a bad kisser, his dick was not to my liking, and he was obsessed with pleasing me to the point that it was kind of pathetic. Yes, I absolutely want a partner who cares that I’m having a good time, but if I tell you it ain’t happening, that’s your cue to finish and gtfo.

The lesson I took away from it is “Even at an orgy, you’re still allowed to have some standards.”

The other one I’m regretting more now that I’ve called it off. The sex wasn’t bad, but the guy was just boring as fuck and absurdly vanilla. I told him we were done and thought that would be the end of it. He tries to booty call me every couple of weeks even though I have made it clear each time that I’m not interested. It’s pretty annoying that he doesn’t seem to respect my boundaries.

— InsOmNomNomnia

42. He stole my beer

I hadn’t gotten laid in a year. I was really drunk at a St Patrick’s day celebration. I looked at a guy I knew and basically said “you”

Got to my place, had the worst sex ever, he left and took beers with him. Not worth it.

— 0hfuck

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