50 Women Reveal The Raunchy Details Of Their Biggest Hookup Mistake Ever

39. Buckets of sweat

He had hyperhidrosis…when someone says they “sweat buckets,” that was literally him.

I knew this beforehand, but it wasn’t until we were having sex that it was in full force. I was either sliding off of him or if he was on top, his sweat was dripping profusely all over my face, eyes, body. It just really made you lose the moment. Thank god I had a plastic cover on my mattress underneath my sheets otherwise I would have ruined the mattress. It was that bad.

The man had to drink two gallons of water a day or he’d dehydrate. He wore these special gloves when we went out. We actually hooked up a couple times, did a semi FWB thing. But between the immature clingyness and the buckets of sweat, I just couldn’t do it anymore.

— wildebeesties

40. Sex was like giving birth

Slept with a guy who was both wide and long down there. Felt like I was giving birth trying to get it in. I mean Like it wasn’t all too bad. And he made me finish vaginally once, but dude was a stage 4 clinger.

Most girls didn’t want to stay with him because of his size. I didn’t want to stay with him because we got in stupid arguments and he was convinced he could “fix” my personality issues. Also tried to defend his ex for cheating on him when they were together because she was drunk.

— TurtleGloves

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