50 Women Reveal The Raunchy Details Of Their Biggest Hookup Mistake Ever

31. He was a total sociopath

Got involved with a sociopath.

He seemed incredibly charming and interesting at first. In my misguided and inexperienced (deeply in denial lesbian) opinion, he was also a good lay, so I thought I’d struck fwb gold.

Turned out to be a manipulative ass who did a lot of damage to my self esteem and sense of self worth. He would switch between emotion dumping while expecting me to play therapist and constantly putting me down and making fun of me. I was so under his influence that I was willing to tolerate almost anything from him, which I now regret because I could have been seriously hurt.

Also he was terrible in bed. The year we knew each other he never once kissed me or did any sort of foreplay. He never even tried to get me off. Bastard also gave me HPV.

I look back now and have no clue why I was so enamored with him. He was an unattractive, boring, toxic man baby that no one liked.

I deeply regret the experience because I let myself be treated like crap. And I kept going back for more. I was pathetic, desperate. I never want to be that person again.

— But_Im_A_CheerLeader

32. He fucked me as I vomited

I was 17 and me and this dude had awesome chemistry. Like he was a great kisser and our conversations flowed naturally. We had been talking for about a year off and on and he finally came to town again so I was just ready to fuck him by then.

We get super drunk at a party, head to the guest room and I immediately vomit into the trash can. He somehow is cool with that and keeps trying to kiss me and I’m drunk so fuck it I guess. Then he doesn’t touch my vagina even tho I go down on him and he flips me on my stomach and did not warn me he was gigantic and just shoves it in. My soul left my body. After 12 pumps, I counted, he finishes on my back and falls asleep. 1/10.

— Torokinzz

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