50 Women Reveal The Raunchy Details Of Their Biggest Hookup Mistake Ever

23. Didn’t understand what we were

The hook-up itself was fine, but the next day he got pretty clingy and it was obvious he just wasn’t a ONS kinda guy. Which is fine, except I had explicitly said I was only after a ONS.

— mysecretoutlet

24. Tiny dicks

Two words: micro penis.

Happened on 2 separate occasions. One was inexperienced and i dont think he really had any clue, so i felt really bad for him. The other one was aware and super rough with foreplay to what i assume compensate. I kept trying to calm him down, every time i reached for his dick he would shove my hand away, then suddenly he puts on a condom is on top of me and kinda grinds agaist me twice and then cums (i think). I felt nothing. Years later i see on Facebook he’s gotten married. I wonder if they have some situation or arrangement to accommodate…

— Demi_Baggins

25. Let a frat boy take my virginity

I lost my virginity five years ago to a douchey frat guy who, last I saw, was smoking a gross cigar and wearing a Make America Great Again bucket hat in his Facebook profile picture.

I felt my vagina clench up in regret.

— ladydece

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