24 Men And Women Reveal The Sluttiest Thing They’ve Ever Done

God & Man
God & Man


“I ate out a girl I had a long time friendship with in front of three of her friends during her 20th birthday.”

— Quest4life


“Some guy on the dance floor said he liked my tongue piercing and what with his prince Albert (pierced dick) we could have some really good sex. I said I’d like to try that and we were in bed about ten minutes later. Not sure I ever caught his name.”

— LibbyLibbyLibby


“Slept with a guy I met while working in a bar and then a few weeks later, slept with his dad who he lived with.”

— jafar1987


“I fucked a girl for an ipod touch.”

— CoolMcDouche


“Two friends of mine who were about to get married asked if I would participate in a threesome with them. So I did, then went back home where I was still living with my ex-boyfriend while I worked out new living arrangements. He was asleep when I came home, so I crawled into bed with every intention of going to sleep. He apparently had a different agenda and we ended up having sex.

So I had sex with 3 people in the course of about 2 hours. Whoops.”

— SpitefulNoodle


“I once fingered a girl on the dance floor of a crowded bar went back to her Airbnb fucked her to sleep and was still horny; so I chatted with her friend for a few while I waited on my uber that cancelled so I ended up eating her out then going back to the bed with the 1st girl then passed out. I left the Airbnb smelling of alcohol, slight vomit, perfume, and regret. Also I couldn’t find my socks so that was fun”

— SchrodingersCreampie


“I found out online, through a forum, that there was this glory hole in the local park’s public toilets. It appeared to be semi-popular. The toilet never really closed for some reason (we didn’t have a homeless problem (rural town) so I guess no one bothered to lock it up) and it was rarely inspected so it was really an ideal setup for people who liked that kind of thing.

I posted on the forum that I’d be there from 7pm onwards to “feed”. I didn’t really think anything would happen. It was a horney thrill and assumed I’d go, wait, and then leave when no one bothered to show. How many people in this small town would bother coming over to get blown?

So I got there, and sat in the cubical and waited but not for long. First guy comes, puts his dick through and I service him to completion. Then the next guy comes, then the next, and in total 5 guys, then it quieted down and I went home. No regrets

I moved soon after that so I never got to return and never found a place so well suited for that kind of activity. I’d probably do it again if given the opportunity, I love sucking dick.”

— ShooblyGoobly


“I blew a guy in a Hot Topic once…”

— Xx_Southpaw_xX


“I banged a dude behind the chips at Quiznos. He was on the clock.”

— ticklemeyoudie


“Gave a handjob in exchange for a half eaten burrito.”

— 1800angel


“Was at the bar with my buddy and there was this drunk married lady probably 40ish who said we should take a ride with her. We did.

She gave me a handjob on the ride then said we should find somewhere to park so I literally just told my buddy just to pull over along side the road. I put the hatch down and fucked her from behind along the side of the road while my buddy watched. She then gave him a blowjob. She dropped us off and we parted ways. Not sure I ever saw the lady after that.”

— PopeTheReal


“Banged a chick in the back seat of my SAAB parked on a busy city street at rush hour.

We were fuck buddies. Also horny, just had a few drinks and neither of us wanted to drive. So we just got to bangin’. Honestly we had a great rest of the night after that. It takes a lot of the anxiety off of the evening if you just get the fucking out of the way early.”

— ObviousLobster


“I lost my virginity freshman year of high school after my SO broke into his friends house to get back at him for a previous incident and we had sex on their family couch. He told me it was okay, we were allowed because they were on vacation.. wasn’t allowed. Nope.

Same guy, about a month earlier. We got extremely drunk with his friends and ended up dry humping and making out in a room with four other 16-20yr old guys who were ‘watching TV’. I was 14 and thinking back i cringe so hard.”

— skiezer


“Slept with ex-boyfriend on Thursday night — it just kinda happened, as I lamely told myself at the time. When it turned out this was not the reconciliation I thought it was I went ahead with plans to see the new guy I’d just started up with on the date we had already set up for Friday… and then again Saturday since we’d hit it off so well.

Turns out ex-boyfriend wasn’t banking on me having other options, and was elaborately saddened by this turn of events… which led to the Sunday night pity shag. All up, 4 fucks with 2 different guys over the course of a weekend. Had no idea I was such a slut.”

— LibbyLibbyLibby


“I’m a snapchat girl (it’s basically camming through snapchat), and I once slept with one of my premium members for a drug hook up. Not even a discount or anything. He charged me full price and it wasn’t even that good. Just for getting me the drugs. Regrets. Regrets everywhere.”

— Meoxxxx


“Sucked 3 dicks in the course of 5 hours, and the third ended up being my now-boyfriend of a few years.

He wasn’t thrilled when he found out he was the third of that day.”

— raptorista


“I went to the sauna. Got in the hot tub and all that stuff.

Went into the porn room which only had like one guy in there. Then as I sat down more and more came in. Didn’t take much notice of them tbh.

I’m masturbating to the porn and can feel eyes on me. Nobody was watching the porn but me. I’m a twink in a fairly burly neighbourhood at this point. None were outright fat or ugly or anything. Just larger men.

One guy makes a move (putting his hand on my thigh). I don’t resist. We start kissing and fondling eachother. A couple others join in.

Ten minutes later I’m bent over being fucked by some random guy I didn’t meet till afterwards as I was sucking some guys dick. He definitely wore a condom though so that’s good. But after the whole thing I was like ‘oh that was you?’

After the first guy finishes, another steps up and fucks me, then another and another. All while I’m blowing multiple guys.”

— NoifenF


“Guy here. Talked to a friend about how stressed i was, got a “i can help you with that stress” text a day afterwards. We met up, she blew me on the way to my house. Get to my place, she strips down, tells me to. Rode me like a pony for a solid hour, paid me 20$ in gas to take her home afterwards.”

— SensationalSavior


Used to be a bouncer, had two drunk women who were decently attractive hitting on me. They asked for a lapdance to which i refused. She then pulled 400 out of her bra and asked for a VIP. I said for 15 mins, sure, to which she agreed, VIPs there were 125 per 15.

So we go back and I strip down to my underwear and and basically rubbing my butt in their boobs, they spin me around pull it out and get to sucking. Ok sure why not, I’ve had sex with several of the strippers at this point so my dick being out was not new to me. After the 15 Janell comes to get me and just starts laughing, so I pull my balls out of her mouth and start getting dressed.

She pulls out another 400 and says I should come back home with them. I start to say no then she says she has several other friends who might like me and a lot of weed, so I agree and take the address down and meet them over there. Skinny chicks fat chicks ugly chicks and hot chicks, were about 20 of them there as I dance around trying to figure out when did I become a male stripper.

All of them had my dick in their mouth, I stuck it in 8 of them, and came in two cause I did not wear a condom. Made 1200 bucks and took myself to get checked out two weeks and then three months later. I don’t know how I’ve still never had a STD/STI.”

— The_Jenazad


“Was out with my friend for my birthday and staying in a hotel. Got wasted, got separated from my friend, end up talking to a group of 4ish guys who somehow come back to the hotel with me. Somehow we start banging, friend comes back with the guy she pulled for the night and they just join in.”

— MediatedTea


“Slept with two separate guys within two hours. I was on vacation in Cancun. Met a beautiful Argentinian man one night. We made plans to meet up at 2pm the next day. Met a guy an hour or so beforehand and we ended up sleeping together. I look at the clock when we finished and it was 1:55. I told the guy I had to go because I had plans. Fucked the beautiful Argentinian guy afterwards.”

— c0quine


“I gave my boyfriend a bj in the changing room cause I needed to convince him to buy a new pair of jeans.”

— phox389


“Banged 57 guys in the year after leaving my sexually selfish boyfriend.”

— gaymer4ever


“I took someone’s virginity in exchange for him driving me anywhere I wanted to go for the next six months. I regularly had him drive me to our mutual friend’s house who gave me weed in exchange for sex.

A few months later I moved into an online friend’s house where I lived for free and regularly had sex with him. On the way there I spent a week at a different friend’s house, where he bought me booze and Diablo 3 and I had a threesome with him and his girlfriend. I didn’t realize I was basically a prostitute until a few months later.”

— Graphikuh Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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