21 Women Talk About The Creepiest Phone Call They’ve Ever Received



I got one from an unknown number describing everything I was doing at the time. I’d like to think it was one of my friends messing with me, but I didn’t recognize the voice, and no one fessed up.

— Beachy5313


I got a phone call from an unknown number that was just crying profusely and asking me “Where am I?” and “Can I talk to her?” It sounded like it was from an older lady.

She would occasionally call back, and she was never not hysterical. She was always asking where she was and if she could talk to someone.

She only barely responded to anything we said in any coherent way.

— Sand_Dargon


I got a phone call at 7 am once from a woman asking for Tom. I said wrong number. There was a LONG sigh, then she said, “Look, I know he’s there. Just put him on the phone.” I said, No, you really have the wrong number and she said, “Ok, well tell him HIS WIFE called, ok?” Next day 7 am, same thing. And the next day.

Finally I answered and said, “Look, I don’t know who your husband is cheating on you with, but it’s not me. This is a wrong number and if you don’t stop calling me and harassing me every morning I’m going to call the cops.” She stopped, thankfully.

— JPickle82


When I was 17, A woman started calling me at 5am every day, just a few minutes after my boyfriend left for work each morning.

She would demand to speak to Kevin and refused to accept it was a wrong number because Kevin apparently texted me on my number and she copied it directly. The first day she called she sounded upset like she was crying, the second day, she sounded frustrated and tried to explain that she wasn’t mad at me because I probably didn’t know, but because I’m being uncooperative she knows I’m a selfish home wrecker. I stood by my “lady, I have no idea what your talking about” statement. The third day, she was downright abusive, calling me names over the phone and threatening to follow Kevin, find me and cut off my clitoris.

I told my boyfriend what was happening and showed him some of the texts this woman was now sending me in which she described how she would hurt Kevin in from of me so we could both be punished.

That night my boyfriend came home with Kevin, his 32 year old Co-worker. Turns out my boyfriend used Kevin’s phone to text me because his phone had died, my boyfriend used his own sim card so I received a text from him as usual, but the text remained on the phone itself, and it also loaded passed messages between me and my boyfriend from when my boyfriend had his sim in the phone, and Kevin’s fiance had seen it and thought Kevin was texting his mistress.

Anyway, Kevin crashed on our couch for a few nights while he figured stuff out, because he wasn’t comfortable with the idea that his finance threatened to chop off a 17 year old girl’s clitoris with zero real proof he was even having an affair.

— DearyDairy


I had a guy calling me for days asking for someone named Daniel, and every time I said it was a wrong number he’d get more upset and start ranting about how he knew it was just Daniel messing with him. Finally he was like, “Look, just tell Daniel that if he doesn’t call me back, I’m going to freak out and start calling everyone we know.”

I just told them that sounded like a solid strategy and hung up. He must have tried it, because he never called back again after that.

— clabberton


I have, on two different occasions missed phone calls and gotten voicemails from some lady talking to another warning her that this or that guy is a terrible person or something and to stay away. I still have them saved because I love me some juicy ass drama.

That was a few years ago so I guess she wised up to my number not being her friends/romantic rival.

— Jon76


I used to get these super late at night looking for Travis, from an Alaska number (I live in SC). She didn’t stop after I explained repeatedly it was a wrong number; I just blocked her and she never tried calling me from a different phone.

I also think there was a local high school kid giving out my number as his for a while; I would get some nasty (but entertaining) voicemails about high school drama and occasionally was texted sexy (non-nude, thank god) pics from a teenage girl, despite telling her each time I was not the person she thought I was. Like…. how did she not look up and see the text from the last time I told her it was the wrong number?

— linzy


One time in college I was hanging out at my apartment with my roommate watching TV. I received a call from a service for deaf people where a live person tells me what they type. The person said we had a class together, said the class and teacher’s name, which was a class I was taking that semester, and then told me they were obsessed with me, they followed me home after class and was outside my apartment. They described what I was wearing and told me to come outside and they had a gift for me. I freaked the fuck out and closed the blinds, my roommate, who had been chilling on the couch on her computer the whole time, was freaking out too.

I hung up and started dialing 911 and my roommate burst out laughing, it was her, she was on the computer typing the responses.

— bluepurplegreenx


Phone call from an out of state number, I usually consider unknown numbers as spam or wrong numbers so I let it ring at first. This number though called about once a day for quite a while so I picked up. If it was a wrong number at least I could tell them that directly…. turns out despite not knowing them they WERE looking for me. “Ah, thank god you finally picked up. Been waiting forever to hear your voice.” Like any reasonable freaked out 20 y/o I hung up.

The guy proceeded to try and call over and over and texted “now that I know for sure this is your number, I won’t give up”.

That number got blocked so hard, so fast.

— PurpleCynomy


One morning when I was a teenager, my dad dragged me out of bed at 4 AM to listen to an answering machine message.

The call was from 2 or 3 that morning, and it was just the voices of two or three teenage girls talking about masturbation, sex toys, etc. My dad stood there and made me listen to the message, then started demanding I tell him which of my friends had been on that call.

I didn’t recognize any of the voices, and the girls on the phone had been talking about stuff in a way that none of my friends ever would. I kept trying to tell my dad that it wasn’t anyone I knew and it had nothing to do with me, that it might even be a bully from school or something, but he kept insisting there was no way teen girls could have our number unless I was giving it out to them.

I wound up grounded for a week for the crime of being a teenager in a home that was crank called by teenagers. Still have no idea who it was, but it’s not like we had an unlisted number – it could have easily been some asshole from my school, or even just a misdial.

— jumpedupjamboree


I got a message from a lady who was trying to get whoever she called to come home. She told the person that his baby had been killed in an accident, and he needed to come home to see her put to rest. She said all would be forgiven, that his family needed him no matter what he done, and gave a number for him to call. She was crying the whole time. I called back and left a message saying that I didn’t know the person she was trying to reach and was sorry for their loss.

— notlikeme


I had a guy call me who was audibly masturbating and saying lewd things right off the bat. It was really fucking weird.

— piscina_dela_muerta


I had a masturbator call my job a couple times. He called one Sunday morning and when I answered he said something about how he was “stroking his big dick” and I hung up. I told my coworkers and we had a laugh, but then I forgot about it until like 6 months later when he called again on a Sunday morning! I knew it was the same guy because he used the exact same wording as before.

My manager got the phone company to trace his number and called him back. Surprisingly the guy answered the phone, and when my manager confronted him about the calls he actually tried to use the excuse that “my friend borrowed my phone.” Yeah ok. We never heard from him again.

— justsamthings


I got a phone call from a number that belonged to my professor at the time (I went to a tiny college and she gave her number out to her specialty classes because if we were going to be gone she wanted to know so she could cancel classes. Nothing creepy about that).

I answered assuming she’d let me know to not come to lecture the next morning. Instead it sounded like static, crackling and such, then suddenly the sound of what could only have been a barbershop quartet began to sing. I don’t remember the song except that it talked about your face shining so bright and I can’t wait to hold you tonight, or something. It was horrifying. I screamed and hung up the phone fast. I asked the professor the next day and there was no log in her phone that she ever called me.

— Bewarethefrozenheart


A police department demanding I come in and turn myself in right away. It took about a minute for me/them to realize that they were given a wrong number and I wasn’t the person they were looking for.

— sunshinecliffs


When I was in my teens, I got a series of phone calls from someone who was clearly watching me/our house. They always called when I was alone. Sometimes they just breathed loudly. Sometimes they would tell me what I was wearing/doing.

Around this time, I felt like I was being watched in my room most nights and this turned out to be true after I heard a noise one night and my dad went out to find a still smoking cigarette butt on the ground under my window.

Nothing came of this. My parents (not the best) didn’t call the police. They just put up new curtains in my room and kinda ignored it. I never found out who was doing it and it eventually stopped.

— southernbelladonna


Yesterday I got a weird call from what sounded like an angry man shooting about how I had scratched his car and it was all on camera. I hung up because I figured it was a scam. But I just so happened to be teaching my SO how to drive at that exact moment so it was really bizarre and I was for a moment terrified my SO had hit something despite us just doing circles in an empty carpark.

— destria


I work as a receptionist! We get tons of sales calls and 1800 numbers calling, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s a sale call or not. Once, we got a phone call from a 1800 number and the man on the phone had a heavy accent. He asked for my boss (and completely butchered his name, like most telemarketers do) and I told him that he wasn’t in the office and offered to take a message. He didn’t want to give me a message or leave a voicemail for my boss. I said, if this is a sales call we aren’t interested, but thank you anyway! and hung up.

He immediately called back and was shouting “YOU MUST APOLOGIZE FOR HANGING UP ON ME!” he sounded really aggressive and his tone/wording was kind of strange. I politely said I didn’t like his tone, and again I offered to put him through to my boss’s voicemail. He said no, and shouted at me “THIS ISN’T A SALES CALL! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM?” and I said “no, but I know this is a sales call.” and to which he replied (with an evil villain laugh, I swear) “Hehehe, in three days you will find out who I really am!” and he hung up.

I was SO bewildered and SO freaked out? I googled the number and found nothing. I decided to keep the number written down on a sticky note in my desk drawer in case he called back. I was so worried about what might happen in three days. My boss had no clue who it could have been, and wasn’t familiar with the phone number. Nothing ever happened, and he never called back.

— laneloveslipstick


One time I got one call from Romania (I’m from Italy), on the other end I could hear a woman’s voice and she was saying my name multiple times in a kinda sultry voice. She also said something else but I couldn’t understand.

It was also not the first time I received calls from that number, one time a man was speaking and one other I could only hear a piano being played. The last time I received a call from that number I just said “go fuck yourself” and they never called back. I don’t know how the fuck they got my number or how that woman knew my name.

— LayzaSkully


When I was younger I knew a older guy online, gave him my cell number (not the brightest idea) and the first called turned from casual conversation to him jacking off loudly and saying my name while I made fake noises cause I had noooo clue what to do. I was like 15-16 and he was at least 23-24. Eugh.

— its_only_chemical


When I was 12 I was hit by a car. Nothing too serious but there was a write up in my local newspaper which listed my name, age, and where I lived. Some creep called, pretending to be the police who had a few more questions for me. I answered some pretty basic things until he asked for my bust size and I slammed the phone down (which used to be how you ended call, for all you youngins). Oh man did my parents yell at the newspaper for printing those details.

— sylvatron Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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