18 Men And Women Share The Most Fucked Up Request They’ve Ever Gotten In Bed

God & Man
God & Man

1. “Spit on my face!”

To spit in her face while I was fucking her. I mean, I did because I’m a gentleman. But that’s pretty odd

— Nadocomedy

2. Wanted me to vomit

He wanted to fuck my face, and make me gag so hard I threw up on his dick. Then for me to spit the, uh, spit up in his face.

My reply was “we’re gonna have to work up to that one”

— Arachne93

3. Lusty for getting punched in the throat

Mid bone I was told to punch her in the face.

When I did not comply I was called a pussy.

I’m a pussy.

— Salsa_Starch_

4. Fast food fuck

 Eat Wendy’s while fucking.

— wonger2017

5. She wanted me to pee in her ass

Anal. Not odd. I was down.

While fucking her, she demanded I pee inside her.

I suggested if she was serious we do it in the shower, for reasons. She opposed.

Went for it, she regretted not going to the shower.

Not really my thing. She loved it.

— why_you_always_lie

6. She wants it to violent

I think the most odd or out there was when she asked me to date rape her, then sexually assault her as many times as I could that night while recording it, then when she wakes up force her to watch the video. I have known her long enough that I know she’s serious but I have not been able to bring myself to do it.

— dabombboobies4

7. I have to laugh in her mouth

To laugh into her mouth. Like, as if we were french kissing, but she opened her mouth wider and I laughed into it.


8. “Dress like a boy so I can fuck you like a boy”

I was in a relationship for a time, with a guy, that liked me to wear a sports bra, and mens boxers while he fucked me in the bum.

He was quite open about the whole issues of gender, and he used to get annoyed if I didn’t dress in an overtly feminine way. He had an expression “dress like a boy, and I’ll fuck you like a boy”

— sarah_rslp

9. Some very weird partners here

Probably the guy who asked me to dress in a latex nun costume wearing a fake pregnancy belly. Or maybe that’s second to the guy who wanted me to stab him and drink the blood.

All depends on whether your definition of “oddest” is more on the whimsical-but-impractical side or the murdery-and-creepy side. Either way, I did not indulge either fantasy. I’m all for getting weird, but man, those were both a little beyond me.

— pdxemf

10. Wouldn’t stop eating my ass

A guy wanted to eat out my asshole “until the sun came up” I honestly don’t get any type of feeling from this and it was boring as hell, and weird for me. I literally had to run from his room because he wouldn’t stop eating my asshole

— chaoticnature77

11. Everything is super vanilla then…

Had an ex who was an extreme prude and very difficult in the bedroom; like, she wouldn’t even spoon if I was aroused at all, demanded a full body massage before even considering going further, etc. Just no fun to be with at all.

Then she asks me, flat out, to rape her, and also to bring along some friends when I do it. Nooooooooooooope.

— die_rattin

12. Very elaborate

Not me but a female friend told me this one of her BF.

He asked her to tie him up on a slightly tall wooden chair, gag him, have just a small incandescent lightbulb swinging around with just enough light to see her but not completely. She had to stand on a slightly taller chair, wearing boots and wearing as much leather as possible. She should yell at him in her native language (Thai) or anything that didn’t really make sense to him and slap him around a bit. This was all set up for the grand finale. She should throw full pieces of baloney at his face bare chest. The baloney needs to be Oscar Mayer.

Call me an old fashioned country folk but I found this a tad bit odd.

— uReallyShouldTrustMe

13. Little ducky

Well I had a person ask to keep a rubber duck between us, so that it would squeak while we had sex.

— theratedrock

14. He wants me to pretend to inflate

To talk dirty about how my body is inflating while he fucks me. Obviously, my body wasn’t actually inflating, but I sure pretended it was. I love this man, odd fetish and all.

If there are any breast/butt/stomach expansion/inflation/whathaveyou fetishists out there that can give me some tips on this I’d really appreciate it.

— inflateaway1988

15. A whole new meaning on “popped the cherry”

Shove a jar of maraschino cherries into their ass, fist them, and then feast on the cherry-mush.

— toxicbox

16. Water sports, but classier

There are a couple quite odd ones, but the one that makes my friends question it a bit is that my boyfriend likes it when I pee into a wine decanter in front of him. Then I pour it into a wine glass and he drinks it.

— azraelsangel

17. Patriotic?

Fucking my ex with a bomb popsicle (the red, white, and blue ones)

— SchmidtyMane

18. Um

Shave my bumhole then eat the hair

— bethhhh_x Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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