16 Men Explain Whether They Are Willing To Eat Out A Girl They Hook Up With



I would like to, but I’m paranoid about STDs. And it’s not like I’m drowning in eager women interested in casual sex.

— GollnirTheSexy


I learned the hard way that you can’t do that to anyone you meet. I ended up with a bad case of bacterial tonsillitis.

— BeastlyDecks


Never with one night stands. Girlfriends and FWBs though? Literally every time we have sex.

— TheChronic818


I LOVE going down on women, but with a new person I like to make sure it’s good to go downstairs. Once I have her pants off, I’ll do some gentle rubbing around the labia while making out, etc.

Then I’ll switch positions and bring that hand up to the back of her head (hair pulling ftw) move from making out to kissing the neck, and while I’m there I’ll do a quick sniff test. This isn’t 100% accurate, but if the smell is pleasant you should be good to go.

— masterderplington


About 95% of the time yes. The other 5% is if there is blood or spots around the vaginal area. If it smells, I don’t want to hurt her feelings. I make an excuse saying I feel smelly and ask her to jump in the shower with me. Most of the time, the answer is yes.

— jumpijehosaphat


Only if she let’s me put my finger in her mouth after its been inside her.

— Grngeaux


Each and every time *unless* there’s a jungle of bush or it smells bad.

— undiscoveredgeniusss


A common sentiment seems to be that pretty much the one thing that can make any guy do a 180 from DTF is a stinky vag.

— Ragnrok


Generally speaking yeah but it’s not really a rule.

Pretty much everything in sex comes down to mood.

— alnicoblue


Sometimes. If they are clean shaven and it looks appetizing I will. To be honest this is kinda messed up but it also depends how hot the girl is. When I go home with a “welp I guess I’ll settle for that” girl I won’t, but if its the hot girl I tried to pick up first then I’m more likely to go down on her.



Nope, never really liked it anyway.

— komnenos


If she’s someone that I’m really attracted to then I will, unless I suspect she has an STI or it stanky. If she’s someone I’m not that into I probably won’t, unless she can prove she doesn’t have an STI and it ain’t stanky.

— EclipsingVoid


No. I’d have to have known them for a while.

Only regular sex, anal, and her preforming oral are all on the table for a one night stand.

— ttnorac


Maybe. Depends on how clean and well kept she is. Brazilian wax and recent shower, yes.

— dicklord_airplane


No I don’t. Cant be too sure if it’s safe.

— TrianglesBoi


Throat cancer? No thanks.

— portablegrant Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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