16 Men Describe The Best Orgasm They’ve Ever Had (And What Their Girl Did To Give It To Them)

Flickr / kedai lelaki
Flickr / kedai lelaki

1. Fucked like animals

Doubled tapped. came twice back to back. felt amazing. I’ve only ever done that maybe like 4-5 times but the one in question was with my ex fiancee like 2 years ago. We had been out dancing and I was so worked up when we got home and fucked like crazy animals.

— Satherton

2. I’d been away for a month and she was thirsty

I had been out of town for like a month and my girlfriend at the time waited for me at the airport wearing a short skirt and tight white shirt.

We had amazing rough kinky sex in the backseat of her car in the parking lot of the airport. I came soo hard in her mouth, I still jack off thinking about it once in a while.

— 52358

3. She made me dizzy

With a girl that could do legit kegels. Made my whole body spasm and I got dizzy.

— i_heart_blondes

4. We felt like we were vibrating

A girl I was seeing bought a vibrating butt plug. She had it in when I was doing her from behind. It turned her into a human vibrator and also pushed on her vagina and made it tighter.

She also felt like i was vibrating, and it pushed me against her g-spot. It was a good time for both of us.

— teh__sukc

5. Brought my younger self to shame

Actually, this past weekend.

Me & my new love interest had a weekend together finally.

I had just gotten off a short stint with some meds that had affected things down there. Being the good guy I am, and wanting to actuality get something out of it as well, I hit the doc up for some Cialis.

Best. Purchase. Ever.

I’m 47, and I put my 25 year old self to fucking shame. I must have came at least 8 times in the 24 hours we got to spend together. The best part was that while it was more difficult to reach orgasm (read: more time walking around pound town), when it did happen, it would simply get more glorious when I finally blew. By the time the last couple of rounds occurred, I was having out of body experiences, yelling, and speaking in tongues. I couldn’t remember any of this, I only remember that overwhelming wave of euphoria. The girlfriend told me it was like watching someone transform into a werewolf.

I will be wearing the smile from that for a long while….

— TheOtherSantini

6. I broke the car

We were dry humping in the back seat of her car. As I was about to finish she stopped, finished me orally, and spit it out of the window of the car.

I turned her around and began fingering her. Her slow grinding on me and moaning made me cum again. It was so intense I kicked her passenger seat and broke it.

— ImFatWannaParty

7. Pleasure from all angles

MDMA + getting a blowjob + prostate massage

I felt an earthquake.

— Mookala

8. Best day ever leads to best sex ever

How to explain it, ugh. By this point, we were already madly in love. We had just gotten back from what was the best date in our lives for both of us. She was on top while I was sitting up. It’s our favorite position, hands down; we always go to it when we’re ready to wrap things up. We came at the exact same time.

She hopped off, lied next to me with her head on my chest. We just lied there, basking in the hormones, giggling at how amazing the sex and the entire night in general was. It was absolutely perfect. I’ll never forget it.

— bacondev

9. First time without a condom

The first time I came inside my GF’s vagina without a condom (she was starting with the pills). I swear I never had an orgasm that long, it must’ve lasted for about a full minute or so. She was also on her period, which was kinda hot, too (and blood makes a great lube).

Also, there was one time when I came in her mouth. I was standing and she was kneeling, I thought I’ll fall down on her. Shit was tight, yo.


10. Group sex is literally the best

The morning after my first threesome, the two girls shared a slow, passionate kiss over my chest that eventually moved downward to encompass my fierce morning wood. I can still remember feeling the entirety of my spine light up when I came, and it sold me on the magic of group sex forever.

— LobotomistCircu

11. She had legendary blowjob skills

Oh man. I was maybe 16 and there was this girl that had legendary blowjob skills. I’ve had some mighty blowjobs, and maybe ever better but the repition dulls the experience. But this girl. I some how got her to come over. She knew what the deal was. It was mind bending. When I finished it was like when millennium falcon goes in to hyperdrive. My teeth had an orgasm.

If you are dating or married to a girl who used to have the nickname “dice” you are a lucky man.

— Burgher_NY

12. She was fucking me!

Had a girl pegging me. It was so intense that my vision was actually blurry and I felt dizzy. It lasted for what felt like at least two minutes, and she was hitting that perfect spot inside of me. Oh my god. I’m not even a moaner, but I was loud that time. It just went on and on and on. Honestly, it was kind of embarrassing, even if she said it was cute.

— Milkshaketurtle79

13. Perfect handjob

After a handjob by my GF, nothing spectacular, but she had the perfect rhythm and movement. Dang, thought I was gonna die afterwards… What an incredible feeling.

— Hurock

14. She was weird, but great sex!

Ok so this one girl i met on a dating app came over to my apartment for the first time. I mean it wasn’t like a hookup app so I wasn’t expecting to get laid. But we ended up making out and eventually it led to that. The crazy thing was she had such an amazing body, but for some reason i guess she was shy. We were making out on the bed, clothes on, her on top. I started taking her shirt off and as soon as i unbuttoned the last button she said she was shy and if i could close my eyes.

Mind you i had drank a couple beers before she came over to take the edge off of meeting someone for the first time. At first i was kind of like ok. Even though the lights were off and all we could barely see each other. She then proceeded to put a pillow on my face and said its so that i wouldn’t cheat and have a sneak peak. She let me take the bra off. As she lay on top of me with the pillow on my face. The things going through my mind was like is this 50 shades of grey shit (she had previously told me she was reading the books) or is she going to suffocate me and rob me (as this was our first time ever meeting).

At that stage in my life and because of the beers in my system i honestly didnt’ care what happened. When it came time to feel her chest she had like the best natural firm double DDs i’ve ever felt. Eventually she takes the pillow off of me and we start to kiss and feel each other. I swear the buildup was the best i ever had. we get down to no clothes i get on top and we start having sex. And oh man she was so tight it surprised me.

I’m average sized down there and i still could not get all the way in. It was the most amazing feeling. That lasted all but only 3 minutes of actual penetration sex. Im usually not a quickie type guy. Ill last about 10 to 15 mins. But i swear to you releasing with this girl was the best orgasm i ever had.

— Ozg1408

15. Make me cum without touching my cock

Probably the most intense are those involving a prostate massager (or ladies helping to stimulate the prostate.) Have experienced pegging a few times too.


For some reason the deep down I found by not even touching your dick, can be the best.

— RoosterBurger

16. When I’m stoned with my wife

Pretty much every time I’m stoned to the bone with my wife- getting high for some reason puts me in a special place mentally where I feel like superman and I perform accordingly. And when she’s feeling it, getting off a few times, that’s a big turn on for me and I swear I’ve told her a hundred times…that was the best time ever!

— quintaessential Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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