15 Women Give Their Unedited Opinion On The ‘Face Sitting’ Position In Oral Sex


1. Not great

I’ve done it before but it isn’t one of my favourite things – I always worry about being too heavy or smothering my partner to death or something.

— prettyribbons

2. Makes oral unnecessarily complicated

There are a lot of other positions to do oral in where you can fully relax without worrying about killing someone.

— shaxiaomao

3. Don’t want to go to jail for murder

I’m not overweight but I’m very tall and average for my height, so I always worry I’ll crush the boys who are into me!

— guldfiskn222

4. It’s our favorite thing

I love sitting on my partners face and he loves it back. He has made jokes about that being how he wants to die.

If he ever needs more air, he just pats my thigh, I move back to his chest and he get a few good breaths in. When he’s ready again he’ll yell,” go!” And I’ll jump back on his face. It’s really cute and fun and I come very hard from it.

— therakel749

5. Doesn’t everyone do it?

Isn’t this a pretty standard thing? If you’re having sex for awhile and doing a lot of oral in different positions, chances are you’ll end up face-sitting. Maybe it’s because I’m lesbian, but any oral position seems pretty run of the mill for me.

— Queeertyuiop

6. The hottest ever

I think face sitting is the hottest thing ever. I’d love to straddle my boyfriend’s face and run my fingers through his hair while he looks up at me with a mouth full of clit. Unfortunately, he’s not into it, or any real form of oral. Also, you’re supposed to lean back on your heels and use your quads to hold your weight; it’s like cowgirl on the other head. You don’t actually sit down on someone’s face like you would in a chair.

— public_soliloquy

7. Good and bad

Pros: More control over where I want to be touched, and pressure.

Cons: Thinking “can she breath?? I’M SQUISHING HER WITH MY FAT ASS. DEATH BY BOOTY.”

— MlleWeirdo

8. I love you, don’t die

I’m tall and not light. I don’t know about other women, but body image issues isn’t the concern. I’m scared of suffocating and squishing the head of someone i care about :(

— daintygiant

9. It’s okay

Lying on my back is much more comfortable for me, but I used to do it with an ex because he liked it. It’s not bad, just not my favorite.

— msstark

10. All the time!

Do it all the time. Super fun and the man enjoys it as well!

— MindDerp

11. Not for me personally

I wouldn’t be comfortable, because I am plus size. But if I was skinnier, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

— ashleighomfg

12. Good as long as we can all breathe

I’ve done it with both male & female partners, i enjoy it & so did they for the most part, besides some occasional breathing issues that were easily fixed.

— PrincessxXxDarkstarr

13. My boyfriend loves it!

My boyfriend loves it. I mostly prefer to lay on my back for oral, but he’ll sometimes ask for me to sit on his face and I’ll happily oblige. I feel really self conscious though lol I’ve got a bit of a belly, but he loves that too so I mean ¯_(ツ)_/¯

— toastertorpedo

14. It makes me paranoid

I have done it and it makes me less into the moment. I’m afraid I’ll have an orgasm and fall off the bed or bang my head into the wall. I move around a lot during orgasm.

— ghoulishgirl

15. My boyfriend loves it, but ehhhh

I don’t enjoy it. Boyfriend loves doing it but I can’t orgasm that way at all. I like to sit back and relax and let him go to town. I wouldn’t expect him to stand up while I go down on him. That plus I get light headed after orgasming so it’s much more safer for me to lie down haha!!

— MambyPamby8 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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