14 Women Reveal The Best Orgasm They’ve Ever Had (And How Exactly They Came Like Never Before)


1. Fingered me to orgasm

He fingered me after some pretty intimate foreplay and it took maybe two minutes for me to hit the O.

I felt like my body was going to explode into a million pieces and i actually got light headed. it was pretty wild

— blendermilf

2. Came five times in a row

My SO recently. We had a lot of foreplay and I don’t remember exactly what we did differently this time, but oh my goodness, I came like 5 times in a row and we had to stop before he finished because I started hyperventilating because I think I forgot to breathe.

It was amazing. And hilarious having him coach me through breathing.

— ateasmurf63

3. Finally got off on a cock

In 8 years of sex and 12 years of masturbation, I’ve come only twice from penetration alone and the first time (when my fiance and I were in that early “you are so intriguing and intoxicating” phase) was so special.

It’s not like it was the most intense or multiplied orgasm, it was just like ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED and “whoa, my body can do that?

— glorioid

4. Sex toys

Dildo + clit stimulation, alternating between the two and both of them together.

— burymeinpink

5. Cumming in my sleep

I feel like mine are always in my sleep. And I feel I’ve had them since even before I had any sexual action. It took me years to figure out what they were, but I love those.

— bittersmartypants

6. Slow, passionate ride

My ex boyfriend circa 7 years ago. I was riding him and it was slow passionate type vibe, and the position rubbed my clit in the right way. First and only time I’ve had an actual orgasm during PIV without using hands or other tools to stimulate the clit. It was a huuuuge O. Most amazing thing I’ve ever felt.

7 years and I have not forgotten. RIP that relationship ;_;

— clomjompsonjim

7. We had sex for 4 hours

My ex girlfriend. We had sex for about 4 hours that day. We had no other cares in the world. For some reason, on like the 3rd round, I remember laying there thinking that I really was going to spend the rest of my life with her. The sun was shining through the window. I was hot, but it was cool in the room. All of it was just perfect.

— TotallyNotMichele

8. “I couldn’t stop shaking”

After fingering and general foreplay, we had sex on the couch and i orgasmed twice and he decided to try for a third time. Sex lasts for minimum of an hour and is always amazing. He succeeded with such intensity that I couldn’t stop shaking and took me 30min to be normal again. Sort fell in love with him at that moment.

Was last weekend.

— carm003

9. I finally gave myself an orgasm

I didn’t have my first O till 28. Nothing was working. No finger, tongue or toy could wake the beast. Finally last year my room mate was out and I had the place to myself for the night. I decided to try something new. I’d noticed the few times I’d smoked weed I’d gotten some tingles down there before passing the fuck out. So this round I decided to make the effort to stay awake and see where it goes.

I seduced the shit out of myself. I lit all my candles, burned some incense, turned on my string lights and cranked my new favorite band at the time (kings of leon) then hopped in the bath tub with a glass of wine, dark chocolate and an edible. Soaked and chilled for about half an hour before I started feeling giggly and the body tingles…go time. I dried off, slipped into my silky nighty and crawled in bed. My arsenal was already set out on my nightstand. My comically large dildo, my rabbit vibe and my lube.

Started with a little lube on my two fingers and started flicking the bean…..it was meh. “Oh great” I think. “My last idea and it’s a dud. I guess I am broken” but then I stopped trying to play it like a DJ and put a finger on each side of my clit and moved up and down instead of left to right. Wow. I’d never had sensation bellow the belt before. I’m talking 0 ladies. This was a revelation. I wasn’t broken! I had hope. I actually cried a little. It felt fucking GREAT but I still couldn’t quite reach that edge, so I moved onto my silly huge purple dildo given to me as a gag gift.

I started with one hard deep thrust and my whole body reacted. After a few seconds of trying to go slow I gave in and just started hammering the ever loving fuck out of myself. “Is this what sex is supposed to feel like!?”

Oh my god, I felt like I’d discovered America. Yet still I wasn’t getting all the way there and both my shoulders were tiring out. Alright, gloves off. Out comes the rabbit. I pump away a few more times then flip the switch. Sweet. Jesus. H. CHRIST!!!! WHAT!? I stopped breathing, I clenched my abs and my ass and curled up like a dead roly polie. I felt myself rushing towards the edge, cresting it and then exploding over it.

As “Closer” blared from my speakers my body was paralyzed with titanic waves of the most insane pleasure I’ve ever known in my entire life, radiating out from my clit, racing through my body and crashing into my brain. About 5-6 waves total. Every muscle gave out at once, I flop to the bed covered in sweat I didn’t realize had formed and gasped for breath I didn’t realize I hadn’t been taking. I promptly blacked out with a smile on my face and my vibrator still inside me. Now when that song pops on my Pandora I get super turned on and can’t stop smiling.

— suzy9mm

10. The way they went down on me…

Recently my partner and I had some fun afternoon weekend sex. I think that’s my favorite because I’m not tired and thinking about sleeping or eating. My partner went down on me for a long time, and I wasn’t coming which was somewhat frustrating. Then they switched to fingering me while sucking my clit and I came SO hard. It was awesome.

— markoyolo

11. After 6 hours of sex, he goes down on me…

One fine spring day, my SO & I called off of work and went to a motel. We proceeded to have great sex 5 times in the next 6 hours. Finally as we were lying there about to get dressed to leave, he goes down on me & gives me the best orgasm I’ve ever had. I was a hot, shaky mess after that. I even got a little dizzy, which could’ve been part dehydration from the marathon.

— u_said_u_were_funny

12. He tied me up and went down on me

My SO tied me up and went down on me. it was so hot that when i came i actually went light headed and everything got all fuzzy

— nicolejadexx

13. “He starts touching me as deep as he can”

The most amazing orgasm I ever had was when I was 28 with my now husband. We were on the floor of his apartment post coital and he starts playing with me. I can only cum with clitoral stimulation and I’m not comfortable with oral.

He begins stroking and rolling me around with his fingers and it gets me going. I want to jump in and help so he slides his beautiful fingers inside me while I play with my swollen clit. I start reaching that point and he is pumping and curling away. All of a sudden he starts pumping at maximum speed and touching me as deep as he can and he finds THAT spot. I explode in waves of pleasure and suddenly start crying and giggling like a banshee.

I have never ever felt that way before, I could not control myself and the giggling is just so intense with the crying taking over here and there. It was the most beautiful sensation I have ever felt. I haven’t had it in a while but my god is he amazing.

— Iscrollforlinks

14. Unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever experienced

My current partner gives me orgasms unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Every time he makes me cum I feel like it’s the best orgasm I’ve ever had. But the one that sticks out in my mind is when he made me cum from oral for the first time ever – I had been sexually active for 9 years at that point and yet nobody had ever got me anywhere near close to orgasm from eating me out. I thought I just didn’t like it, but it turns out that my previous partners had just been no good at it, even the ones with supposedly tons of experience.

When my boyfriend ate me out and made me cum it was completely magical. I had previously thought something was wrong with me, so when I finally came I burst into tears!

He now makes me cum like that on the reg, and it’s still amazing

— LuluRex Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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