What It Means To Have Singleanxiety (Because It Isn’t Just Being Worried When He Doesn’t Text Back)


In the world there are a select few of us who simply were not build to bear the burden of being single. We often experience symptoms similar to anxiety when we are single, but they are much, MUCH more than just run-of-the-mill anxiety. They are symptoms of “Singleanxiety” which afflicts those of us who have hearts far too big to keep to ourselves.

1. It’s having a heart that doesn’t feel complete

Your heart always feels like it has an emptiness inside. Your gigantic heart was not programmed to be alone, it does not know how to handle it. You are a girl who was meant to be with your Forever Person, not venturing into the exotic world alone. Your heart craves another person to text, to write letters to, to go on adventures with. Your heart and mind cannot understand why a sweet girl like you doesn’t have that person right now.

2. It’s dying inside when your man talks to other girls

You don’t like it when your man ever talks to other girls. It gives you an intense pain inside your soul. It is like a ray of sun upon a magnifying glass level of pain. People try to call you “crazy” or “controlling” but really it is just your anxiety.

3. It’s feeling pain when you are the only single one

No matter how many times you give out your heart, you somehow always get it Fedex overnighted back to you. You have to watch you friends have happy relationship, after happy relationship, and with every event you attend alone, you feel your panic rising.

4. It’s knowing that a kiss is something special

For you, a kiss isn’t just a kiss. It isn’t merely two mouths coming together to interlock lips. It is a majestic dance, a jubilant celebration, a magnificent ball.

5. It’s feeling physical pain when you’re alone

Some people describe it as a perpetual heaviness, some people characterize it as a tightening pain in their head.

6. It’s the fatigue that surrounds you when you have nobody to love

You feel tired all the time. Tired of always looking, always searching, always loving, but never finding.

7. It’s having a big, but fragile heart

Another big sign is when your heart is so big, perhaps too big. You feel things so intensely. You are never a casual passerby, you are along for every ride. You raise your sail for every friend, every adventure, every dream.

8. It’s getting panic attacks over SnapChat

You spend hours agonizing over your snapchat, waiting for him to view your snap and send one back. If he doesn’t screenshot at least 1 out of 5 of your snaps you begin to break out in a cold sweat.

9. It’s being called “crazy” when you cry over him not text back

With every fuckboy who doesn’t text back, your heart takes another bruising. You can’t help your feelings. You just let this guy join a long line of those who have not understood your intense beauty.

10. It’s when he leaves because you are “overcommitted”

You told him that you want to spend the rest of your life with him, or that you want to start a family with him — and he leaves. People don’t understand that you aren’t here for a small, temporary love. You are here for big, powerful, forever love.

11. It’s when people don’t understand being single is the most painful thing anybody will go through.

Aloneness is the worst. It squeezes out your natural joy, robs you of your youth, saps your health, and results in Singleanxiety. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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